Monday, January 27, 2014

A Beautiful Day

Team Journal 9, written by Gisella M.

January 12

Nothing like clear skies to start the day off right! Sunshine and a gorgeous wind further enhanced the beautiful morning.

Church started at 8:30 AM and lasted for almost 2 hours with much singing and a short but eye-opening sermon.

After lunch Jason took us on a walk to one of the old voodoo caves. The climb to the cave itself was rather difficult, as there is a considerable amount of rocks in the way and the path was narrow; the heat from the sun didn't help much either. As we entered the cave the cool air inside was refreshing, although it was eerie knowing about the evil that resided there once, with the satanic sacrifices that took place there.

The climb down was much easier, although the walk back was no less dusty. For second place in the contest of excitement, we were nearly charged by a bull. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The rest of the day was spent just relaxing. Later on, there was singing at the worship centre - the music was exceptionally loud and sounded much better from a distance away.

Overall the day was enjoyable and ended with doing devotions under the stars.

The Day in Pictures. 

Early morning sunshine.

Boys getting a little ride with Dad.

Waiting for everyone to get ready for church.

Haiti's beauty.

Sunday school with the kids.

In the worship centre.

Afternoon walk.

Giant cacti.

Voodoo caves.


Writings on the wall.

Light filtering in.

Pastor Jean Jean, Kristie and girls.


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