Monday, November 23, 2015

He Is All We Need

"Mom, is that snow?" I turn to see an excited Jayden eyeing the white grass.

"No, it's frost!" I reply, and lean down to examine it more closely.

"It sure is beautiful though isn't it?" He nods excitedly. 

 Just weeks ago the ground looked like this..

But although the bright leaf colours have begun to fade, it is now being replaced by pretty patterned frost and snow capped mountains..

Just the other day Jason took this picture while taking some friends up flying..

God's handiwork is spectacular! 

In the past months we've really loved spending time outdoors with the kids. Whether in the garden..

At the park..

Or on nature walks..

We saw beautiful plants and trees and wildlife.

And enjoyed spending time with grandparents!

Just spending time with family and playing with little cousins after spending years living far is super special!

And now that November is already half over we are thankful that we have lots of good news to report! The kids are all doing well and Jason was able to make his first trip back to Haiti.

There he familiarized himself with HFL's current partners and was able to iron out some "wrinkles" in the partnerships, something he really enjoyed doing! 

He was also able to reconnect with old friends.

During his time in Port au Prince he facilitated an opportunity for me to video call with Denise. It was so nice to talk to her and hear that everything was going well with her and her family! I had tears in my eyes when I hung up with her and I felt like God was saying "I told you so!" I had worried a lot about what would happen to Anoud and Denise and their family when we left and tried to come up with all kinds of solutions but they kept falling through. Whenever I prayed about it - almost every day for months, I felt like God was saying to give it over to Him; but yet I resisted. Finally, I had no choice but to do just that, and now it was so great to see how marvellously He had provided for them!

That's not the only lesson we've had to learn this past month however. Another painful one was experiencing unexpected rejection. Although painful to go through, this trial brought us closer to God and strengthened our faith. We were also able to see that nothing happens outside of His sovereign plan.  He Himself experienced rejection, and understands every hurt and every sting, as He walked the suffering.   As we trust and obey Him we come to see that: He is always good, He is always with us, and He is all we need.