Tuesday, January 7, 2014


To avoid confusion I thought I'd give a quick update/explanation about the two teams we have here in Haiti from January 4 - January 22. 

Our first team of ten people arrived from New Jersey/Ontario on January 4. After spending the weekend with us, Jason and another MAF pilot flew them and us (the two boys and I) to the village Monday morning where I spent the day helping get their schedule organized and getting them settled in before flying back to Port au Prince. 

Our second team of fifteen, from Chilliwack, hopes to arrive Thursday and leaves the following day for the village as well. 

Team 1 returns to our house this coming Monday and then flies back to New Jersey/Ontario on Tuesday. 

Team 2 arrives back at our house next week Saturday and flies back to Chilliwack Wednesday morning. 

The team journals I hope to post are from Team 1 as Team 2 has not yet arrived and I haven't checked with them if they are interested in posting journal entries as well.

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