Thursday, July 28, 2011

Goodbye Canada

I settle down on the soft green grass balancing my chocolate banana ice cream in my left hand.

Mmm, it's good!

"There's no chair Mom!" Jayden comes up behind me sucking on his Popsicle.

"You don't need one Jay. Just sit on the grass."

"Okay." He plops down beside me and then leans over to take a giant bite out of my ice cream.

"Hey! That's mine."

"I like yours Mom," he says grinning around a mouthful of chocolate and banana.

"Alright then." Leaning back, I look up at the smiling sun. It's so warm and beautiful. It's hard to believe it's already our last day in Canada. The past five weeks have flown by!

After a busy morning of laundry, packing, vacuuming, dusting and wiping I finally have a few minutes just to sit and relax. Relax and reflect.

I close my eyes as the sun warms my face. Memories of the last few weeks run through my mind.

Special times with family and friends,

Camping in Oroville,

Our trip to Alberta

Visiting family there and sharing our work with MAF in a presentation,

Photographing wildlife and plant life,

Hiking rocky cliffs and glaciers

Boating on Moraine Lake,

Then back in Chilliwack saying goodbye again.

Can it really have been five weeks?

June 23 - July 28. Yup, five weeks exactly.

My thoughts drift to the week ahead and I smile in anticipation. For an easier transition and a chance to grocery shop and simply relax we'll spend the next days in Florida and Nassua. It will be a nice break before going home to Haiti.

Home, that's sounding pretty good too.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Other Side of the World

Exactly two weeks ago today we left one side of the world, Haiti, for the other, Canada. On the world globe they may not appear to be on opposite sides but they might as well be. There's just no comparing the two places, and honestly, I don't want too. Instead, I want to focus on the things I love wherever I happen to be.

In Jayden's words Canada is "Wow, beautiful!" and "Not bumpy!" (The roads that is).

It really is a beautiful place and we are enjoying our time in the outdoors and spending time with family and friends. Some of my favorite pictures are...

My two traveling companions.

The Fraser Valley from above.

A rainbow, reminding us of God's promise as we drove through the valley.

The famous Mount Cheam still covered in snow, visible from the backyard.

God's intricate handiwork.

Oh to be young again!

Make new friends!

Stanley Park.

Watching Canada Day fireworks with Grandpa.

Stars that go BANG!" (Jayden)

I love flowers!

Quadding in Coalmont!

That's just a small glimpse of what we've been up to, but even bloggers need holidays once in awhile right?