Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Alberta - Land of Open Skies

The wind whispers through the trees and for a moment I look up. From my vantage point by the open window I watch the vibrant green leaves dancing in sync, their tiny bodies moving to and fro to a timeless melody. 

Shifting my attention back to my laptop, I gather my thoughts and begin to type. This tour of  Alberta marks our final deputation trip and just like all the others, it has flown by.

Thursday morning began bright and early and after a nine and a half hour drive we finally reached, Banff, Alberta. Deciding to take a break from traveling we spent the following day exploring the town,

and taking a drive up to Morain Lake.

On the lake we launched our rubber dingy and enjoyed the incredible view of the surrounding mountains.

Being the only ones on the lake we soaked in the silence which was only broken by the occasional chatter from Jayden and the distant roar of avalanches thundering down the mountains.

Hours later we deflated our little boat and hiked up the trails.

The lake from above was beautiful too.

Back on the road again we passed more beautiful moutains.

Every now and then we would stop for a break and admire God`s handy work.

By Saturday we were in Calgary preparing for our presentation there. Monday morning we hit the road again this time headed for Lethbridge.

Crossing the prairies we couldn't but help admire Alberta's ever changing, breathtaking skies.

Arriving at the farmhouse where we'd be spending the next few days, we explored the premises.

Jayden soon got the hang of the motorized gator.

The farm was  a little boy's dream come true with calves to feed, quads to drive, and miles of wide open spaces.

After busy days of visiting friends and supporters we enjoyed nothing more than to watch the glorious sunsets over the rolling prairies.

Each one another beautiful ending to a beautiful day.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


“Mom, I want the green one.” I lay the smaller, yellow hospital gown back on the bed and reach for the larger, green striped one instead. “Okay, Jay.” I help him get changed and then hand him his special blanket. 

“Can I kuffle with you now, Mom?” Big blue eyes look up at me questioningly and my eyes tear slightly. ‘Kuffle’ is his special word for cuddle and today I might just need it as much as him. Pulling him close I wrap my arms around him and gently kiss his head. This year marks several big milestones in his life which include; a brand new baby brother, his fifth birthday, first visit to the dentist, and today his first surgery. 

Shortly after birth Jayden developed an umbilical hernia and today is the day the Surgeon’s hope to fix it. Since they sometimes close on their own, our family Doctor recommended waiting till Jayden was 5 to get it fixed. Now that his 5th birthday has come and gone, surgery is scheduled for today. 

“Are you ready Jayden?” The kind, elderly nurse Pat, completes the final checks and he nods bravely.

She then takes us to the family room where Jayden can play for a few minutes while the Doctor and Anesthesiologist talk to us. “Which one of you would like to be with Jayden when we put him under?” they question. Jason quickly volunteers and I’m secretly relieved. Although I want to be there for him, I’d rather not watch my boy be medicated into unconsciousness. 

A nurse comes a few minutes later with a hospital gown for Jason to wear over his clothes, surgical hat and shoe protectors. Things happen quickly after that and I hardly have time to squeeze Jayden’s hand and whisper ‘I love you’ before he’s whisked awake. Trying to control my anxiety, I lift him up in prayer to God. 

On the drive to hospital this morning we sang the song, ‘He’s got the whole world in His hands’ and put each one of our names in the lyrics. These last few nights I’ve been struggling with anxiety, something which manifests itself with painful, sensitive teeth in the morning due to grinding, and the song served as a gentle reminder that no matter how much I love him, Jayden belongs to God and not to me. 

Closing my eyes I take this time to cast my cares on Him. 

What feels like hours later, a sober faced nurse steps into the waiting area and calls out, “Parents of Jayden?” I leave Justin with a friendly hospital volunteer since babies aren’t allowed in recovery and together with Jason follow the nurse down a maze of hallways. She doesn’t say anything and we look at each other worriedly. “This is a little scary isn’t it?” Jason turns to look at me and I nod, unable to speak. 

When I spot Jayden’s small form lying on a child sized hospital bed through the open doors of the recovery room, I breathe a sigh of relief. Still groggy he manages to give me a reassuring smile, and my heart melts. Blinking back tears I squeeze his hand, all the while silently thanking God that His mercies are new every morning.