Thursday, February 6, 2014

Technical Difficulties

Hi readers!
Just a quick note regarding some technical computer difficulties we've been experiencing. As I was posting the second last journal entry, Journal 9, the hard drive on my computer crashed. Jason spent a lot of time troubleshooting and has come to the conclusion that the problem is most likely fixable, however, the malfunctioning hard drive will have to be sent to the United States for repairs. Once it comes back, hopefully fixed, I will be able to post the final journal entry and pictures. This however could take a few weeks. Until then I can borrow Jason's work laptop once in awhile to post things, but blogs may be a little more scarce until our home computer is up and running again. 


  1. Jason & Will, thanks for all you did for our team from NJ. My daughter had such a good time, Lord willing she will be back.. God Bless you in all your work in Haiti. Carol Rose (Michelle's mom)

  2. Computer difficulties? It’s really a pain in the neck. It’s a good thing that Jason is knowledgeable in troubleshooting computers. It’s certainly an advantage to have someone who knows his way around computers. It's too bad about the hard drive, though. Anyway, I hope your computer is up and running now so you’re able to write the second last journal entry of yours and share it with us.

    Cordia @