Friday, January 17, 2014

An Interesting Day

Team Journal 6, written by Jacqueline T. 

Thursday, January 9 

The boys unexpectedly got an early start to the morning. At 5:30 they left to check out some farm land that the mission is considering buying. They all described there walk as absolutely gorgeous. 

They met back up with the rest of us halfway through breakfast. After breakfast we all left to start building a latrine. We were in a very poor village and together with the locals started to dig a 5x5 foot hole, 15 feet deep for the family. It started out to be difficult enough to get going because of the many tree roots, but it just got worse. We started hitting limestone, and digging became a slow, difficult process. Because not all of us could fit in the hole at the same time, we took turns digging and playing soccer with a few young local boys. It was a ton of fun, but each time we stopped, one little boy would say, "Give me a dollar," the only words in English he knew! They were extremely poor and dressed only in rags. They absolutely loved playing soccer even though their ball was half deflated. 

We dug about 3 feet, and then headed home. On the way, we stopped for fresh grapefruit, which we had to shake down from a tree. Once we got back to the compound, Frantz, our translator, took us to try sugar cane. He chopped down a stalk, planted part of it again, and used his machete to peel it so we could all chew a section. It was very moist and sugary. 

Then we ate lunch, which consisted of pumpkin soup, a Haitian specialty, and black pea fritters. We were surprised at how good it all tasted as the food was quite foreign to us. 

After lunch we went with Kristie to teach 4th grade English. Right after that we squished into two cars and a few of us had to sit in the back of the pick-up. We went out to a small church and taught a lesson on the fruits of the Spirit, sang a long song with the kids, played a few games, and then did a quick craft. After that, only the kids that were part of the nutrition center where the VBS was being held were allowed back in. We fed them lunch: juice and peanut butter sandwiches. I had the job of scooping juice, which left me with bright red hands. I still can't get all the color off! The kids were also given many gifts to take home. 

We got home and ate dinner. Dinner gave us an extraordinary amount of energy for some reason, especially Rachel and I, so we played a game of MAD GAB, but that wasn't enough. Next we tried skipping rope, remembering all the different songs, and even trying Double Dutch. Most of the team was thoroughly tired out by these amusing activities, so they crashed right after devotions, but Rachel and I still have extra energy, so here we sit, she holding the flashlight while I write this journal entry. 

The Day in Pictures. 


Early morning scouting trip.

Tall palm trees.

Fresh plantains.

Rural sugar cane processing.

Interesting, handmade sugar cane contraption.

Little critter.

Group shot.

Make new friends.

Digging the latrine.

Hard at work.

Working together.

Loving on babies.

Coconut trees.

Delicious sugar cane!

Black pea fritters and pumpkin soup.

Smiley kids.

At the nutrition center.

Handing out gifts to the kids.

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