Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back in the Swing of Things

We arrived back in Port au Prince on the afternoon of August 7. We were greeted by a wave of heat, humidity and dust. After loading our suitcase into a taxi bus we bounced over the familiar roads. It was good to be back.

Anoud and Denise were thrilled to see us and we were thankful to hear their little family was doing well. 

Back home we set to work getting out house up and running again. Our biggest concern was a lack of water. The tank on our roof had a problem, so while we were away our entire underground cistern of water had been pumped up into the roof tank and then overflowed and drained. Now our cistern was empty. By the next morning a water truck was filling the cistern once again and we came up with a temporary solution for the tank so no more water would be wasted. 

Inside, Alexander needed his crib and mosquito net set up in the little screened in porch room that Jason has boarded up while the kids and I were in Canada.

Our beds needed to be made up and the groceries and supplies we had purchased in Florida had to be put away. Once again Lydia was a great help! 

Four days later Jayden started school. Driving him there I was more nervous then he was. Let me rephrase that, I was nervous and he was not! While I worried about if there would be room to park in the school’s tiny parking lot and if his school supplieas that I had pre-ordered were ready, and how his friends would react to seeing him, he cheerfully chattered about everything he saw out the window: tap taps, women carrying giant bundles on their heads, goats and chickens scrounging for food and kids playing on the streets.

My nervousness and worries were unfounded however, as I was early enough that there were plenty of parking spots left, the school supplies were ready, and even delivered to me (thanks Julie!) and Jayden was immediately mobbed and hugged by his excited friends.

The following day, August, 12, a team arrived from our home town. Jason, who was still off of work due to his back injury arranged for them to visit the Lookout and the Baptist Mission. After my standard spaghetti dinner, Jason showed them some MAF pictures and videos. Lights out was early that night as the team had missed the previous nights sleep. 

The following day, with Jason flying co-pilot, Alexander and I flew with the team to Anse Rouge, a village in Northern Haiti where they would spend the next week.

Jason then flew back to Port au Prince to take care of our older two boys while I stayed in the village for two days to make sure the team settled in and everything was going smoothly. 

Lemuel, Ministries, the mission we partnered with wrote a blog post which can be found at . The team members also wrote daily journal entries which I hope to start posting next.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Time of Transitioning

July 30, 2014 
4:00 a.m., Chilliwack, B.C. 
Beep, beep, beep; the alarm clock sounds and I sleepily roll over. Other than the glowing numbers boldly announcing the time, everything is dark. Today marks our final morning in Canada. 

Unable to fully wrap my mind around the changes we once again face, I start the day with prayer. My Father in heaven knows everything, even when I can't describe the emotions I feel or adequately express them in words. 

As I pray I am reminded that He who changes not is also everywhere present; in this dark room with me, in the vehicle as we drive to the airport, in the airplane as we fly across North America, in Florida, and in Haiti where our temporary home is waiting for us. 

Knowing this, gives me peace. 

Psalm 62:8 a verse that has become dear to me in this past year states: Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah

45 minutes later the kids are awake and dressed; the suitcases, cary on, strollers and backpacks are loaded and we are on our way to the Vancouver International Airport. I gaze out the window as the sun rises, casting it's first tendrils of light over a dark world. Somehow, I feel ready to go. 

12:00 p.m. 
Phoenix, Arizona 
Together with Lydia, our travel companion, we've landed safely in Phoenix and are now waiting for our flight to Florida. I watch as Jayden works on a puzzle,

Justin plays with his cars and trains,

and Alexander naps in his carseat.

Even though they are in various stages of their young lives, they've all travelled well so far. Traveling from place to place is definitely not a foreign concept to these three.

July 31 
As we transition between two very different worlds, we're kept busy by various therapy appointments and last minute shopping. In the meantime the boys enjoy carefree days swimming in the pool and ocean and romping on the beach.

Lydia is a great help during this time!

With her around we also have the opportunity to get an updated family picture taken.

Getting a good picture of these three monkeys is never an easy task!

At night we go outside and watch the sun set over the ocean. Every night, the sunsets are unique and remarkable.

The ever changing, beautiful sky reminds me of the words of Psalm 8:1, 3 &4 O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! who hast set thy glory above the heavens. When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?
How amazing that such a great God, who designed the brilliant sunsets, is mindful of us and cares about every small detail of our lives.  But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. (Luke 12:7a)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Our time in Canada

Hi, I'm Jayden and I want to share a little about our time in Canada!

My Mom has been so busy with my new baby brother she hasn't had much time to write since he was born! 

But, even though my Mom was busy, and Dad had to spend a lot of time flat on his back due to his accident, my brother and I still had a grand time!

We played in parks.


Hung out with cousins.

Learned how to fish.

Visited a pet auction.

Went for walks.

Ran through fields of daisies.

And watched Canadian geese and their babies swim in the lake.

Some nights, my brother and I would share a chair while the sun set around us. 

The golden colours were beautiful to see.

Four days before my 7the birthday we welcomed our baby brother, Alexander.

He was very cute! 

Then, on June 6, we celebrated my 7th Birthday with a pizza dinner,

presents in the park, 

and a pirate party.

Before Dad's accident he took me on a ride and we spent time exploring the beautiful outdoors.

Canada is a beautiful country and there were lots of beautiful sights to see as we walked, biked and drove.

I also spent time catching fish, frogs and butterflies with a net. 

This butterfly was just sitting on a reed.

After letting it crawl up on my hand, I lifted it high and let it fly away.

At nights, instead of going to bed at 7:30 p.m. like I do during the school year, Mom and Dad let me stay up and watch the sky change colours,

the sun set,

And the moon rise.

It was very beautiful to see!