Monday, January 27, 2014

A Beautiful Day

Team Journal 9, written by Gisella M.

January 12

Nothing like clear skies to start the day off right! Sunshine and a gorgeous wind further enhanced the beautiful morning.

Church started at 8:30 AM and lasted for almost 2 hours with much singing and a short but eye-opening sermon.

After lunch Jason took us on a walk to one of the old voodoo caves. The climb to the cave itself was rather difficult, as there is a considerable amount of rocks in the way and the path was narrow; the heat from the sun didn't help much either. As we entered the cave the cool air inside was refreshing, although it was eerie knowing about the evil that resided there once, with the satanic sacrifices that took place there.

The climb down was much easier, although the walk back was no less dusty. For second place in the contest of excitement, we were nearly charged by a bull. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The rest of the day was spent just relaxing. Later on, there was singing at the worship centre - the music was exceptionally loud and sounded much better from a distance away.

Overall the day was enjoyable and ended with doing devotions under the stars.

The Day in Pictures. 

Early morning sunshine.

Boys getting a little ride with Dad.

Waiting for everyone to get ready for church.

Haiti's beauty.

Sunday school with the kids.

In the worship centre.

Afternoon walk.

Giant cacti.

Voodoo caves.


Writings on the wall.

Light filtering in.

Pastor Jean Jean, Kristie and girls.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Set Your Mind On Things Above

Team Journal 8, written by Michelle R.

January 11, 2014

I want to start by saying Happy Birthday to my twin, Matthew; I love and miss you!

This morning some people were selling beautiful souvenir items in front of the mission so we spent some time looking at and purchasing what they were selling.

After this we went to a market in Pignon, the town closest to the mission where we are staying. It was crazy, and very crowded. It was however, interesting to see the culture and how people buy and sell things.

In the market, I saw a homeless man, and I think the children were laughing at him. It just broke my heart, seeing this poor, helpless man just sitting there. This trip has opened my eyes to how much we all take for granted. It is so important to be appreciative and thankful for the many blessings God has given us. Pray that God will give us all truly thankful hearts.

Tonight we listened to a concert at the mission. A group of men came and sang beautiful songs of Christ. You could tell of the love they had for Jesus as they sang. These people don't have a lot at all, but they are still happy and so joyful; the reason is Jesus. 

Seeing this, and experiencing the different culture here has helped me spiritually. I've been realizing that we as believers need to think more about eternity because it is very important to be ready for when Jesus comes back. Because the people here have fewer material possessions to distract them, they often think more about eternity than we do. We need to follow their example and set our thoughts on Jesus Christ. Set your affection (mind) on things above, not on things on the earth. Col 3:2

The Day in Pictures 

 Krul boys ready to begin their weekend in the village.

MAF aircraft prepped and waiting.

Bird's eye view.

Turbulence over the mountains.

UCI from above.

"Lima, Lima, Sierra on the ground."

Village ladies selling their handmade souvenirs.

At the once a week Walmart.

Multi-tasking Mom bartering for tomorrow's lunch.

Sifting and selling cornmeal.

The Body Shop.

All kinds of interesting things for sale.

One vendors' neatly organized stand.

A thoroughly patched little shop.

Playing with spice cubes.

How much are your grapefruit?

Pack mule, patiently waiting.

Andy wants honey.

Honey in the honey comb.

Are you done yet?

Hmm.. that back massage feels amazing!

Hair time.

All done.

Snack break with Mom.

It looks like Africa.

A little girl getting her snuggles in.

Cuddle time with Michelle.

Making friends and getting their hair done by the university girls.

Finished looks.

I may skip that shower for tonight.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Truth Will Set You Free

Team Journal 7, written by Julia G.

Friday, January 10

This morning was filled with birthday well-wishes: two members of our team (Mel and I) had birthdays today, as did a lady from one of the other teams currently here.

After breakfast, we split up into two groups: my group went to the school and made paper tambourines with 70 preschoolers, while the other group met with some university students who wanted to practice English. The children at the school are so endearing and enthusiastic; they especially love having their pictures taken and then looking at the photo.

During the kids' recess time, Kelly, Michelle, and I sat on the ground outside and were quickly swarmed with so many kids that you almost couldn't see us. The university students are as excited to be around us as the kids!

After my group finished at the elementary school, we joined the university students and the rest of our team and were quickly bombarded with question after question in a mixture of English and Creole. One of the most common questions was "if we liked Jesus." This freedom to talk about God is just one example of the incredible change God has brought about through the ministry here. In the past eight years, this community has changed from being a central hub of voodoo - filled with distrust, sadness, and fear - to being a Christ-centered place with a school, a university, a nutrition center, and so many smiling, friendly people that are happy despite their poverty.

Tonight, Nelson, who used to be a witch doctor, came and shared with us how God delivered him from the power of the devil. It was incredible to hear about the freedom he and his wife have experienced through Christ, yet sobering to realize what a huge part of Haitian culture voodoo still is. While poverty and sickness are certainly major problems in Haiti (we've been seeing that everywhere), as Kristie mentioned tonight, "The biggest need, the biggest prayer is that the devil would be defeated, that voodoo would be eliminated from this country." So please pray with us that the precious people of this country would come to know the Truth, because only this Truth will set them free! And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32 

The Day in Pictures. 
 Beautiful morning.

Beehive on the church office.

Making paper tambourines.

Cute boy.

Look what I made!

Best friends!

Partial group shoot.

All creatures great and small.