Friday, April 16, 2010

Home Alone

I peer at the computer screen in front of me, all my energy and attention focused on my new project. I'm so absorbed in what I'm doing I don't even realize that the room gets darker and darker until my shoulders start to ache. I shift from my uncomfortable position on the floor and when my eyes adjust to the dark room I pull myself up. Better turn some lights on. I flip the switch and the room is instantly bathed in a cozy glow. Stretching to ease the pain in my shoulders I make my way to the fridge. Is there anything chocolate? After a thorough search of the fridge and pantry I come up empty except for a bottle of chocolate syrup. I pour myself a glass of milk, warm it up, add the syrup and then a squirt of whipping cream. Hmm.. perfect.Hearing some thumping noises, I put my cup down and make my way upstairs to Jayden's bedroom. I crack open the door and smile when I see his sweet face relaxed in sleep. I sure love that kid! I gently rub my finger over his soft freckled cheek. He doesn't even stir. All that mischief he got into today probably tired him out, and I can't help but laugh. He can be such a little monkey sometimes. Reassured that he's sleeping, I make my way back down stairs to the computer and this time focus my energy on writing. When was the last time I blogged anyway? I quickly check and see that the last time I posted an article was March 22. Wow, almost a month ago! What happened in those four weeks? I rack my brain and memories start to flood back. Picking up Jason at Vancouver International and having him home for two weeks! Staying up way too late working on math problems for his business course. Getting excited when we finally came up with the correct answers. Playing Monopoly Deal together and drinking hot chocolate. Fun times at the park with Jayden.

Eating out at our favorite restaurant. A special Easter dinner with family. My thoughts drift to our trip to see the snow and I have to smile.

Jayden on his sled saying "I likes the snow Mama, I likes the snow Mama" over an over again. Jason and Jayden together on the "ski board".

Catching snowflakes on our tongues and enjoying the beauty of a world clothed in a pretty white blanket.

Icy winds licking at the blue sky, dripping crystal icicles and snow covered Christmas trees.

Back home again more math problems and hot chocolate, and finally packing the suitcase and saying goodbye again. Hello and goodbye, hello and goodbye, hello and goodbye. I sigh, and then reassure myself that it won't be as long this time. Two and a half weeks is shorter then three. This allows Jason to be back just in time for my brothers' April 30th wedding. Feeling lethargic now I take a few minutes to add the pictures and click post. There, done!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A race to save lives

A race to save lives

The UN and Haitian government are predicting that almost 40,000 people will die in floods if they cannot relocate them before the brunt of the rainy season.