Saturday, January 4, 2014

Grandpa and Grandma's Visit

Hi, my name is Jayden and I am six! Age is important and that is why when you meet me the first time I will probably tell you how old I am right away.

I've been counting sleeps a long time waiting for my grandparents to visit and they finally arrived on December 26.

We were all very happy to see them! After stowing the gifts and goodies they brought for us we went out to a newly renovated hotel for a cup of coffee and smoothies. The hotel only just opened and Daddy wanted to show Grandpa and Grandma some of the new improvements in Haiti since they last visited a year ago.

Another day, we also took a drive up into the mountains. Grandpa and Grandma had not been there before either.

Since it was slightly cooler, I kept asking Grandpa if it felt like Canada!

They thought the mountain gardens were especially interesting and couldn't believe people could work on the steep slopes.

Even though it was Christmas holidays for me, Daddy still had to fly, so several days when there was an empty seat, Grandpa went along.

He enjoyed watching Daddy navigate the airplane, make the radio calls, interact with his passengers and chat with the locals at the airstrips.

The views from the airplane window were spectacular too.

If there was extra time, Daddy would give Grandpa tours of the different villages on a motorbike he borrowed.

They also visited a beautiful cove one afternoon, after dropping some missionaries off in the south western tip of Haiti.

When Daddy did have a few days off for New Years, we went on a trip all together. My little brother Justin felt very proud pulling his own suitcase across the tarmac.

I love flying, and enjoyed looking out of the airplane window as Port au Prince disappeared beneath us.

Flying over the mountains we could see many little villages.

Nearing Cap Haitian, the second largest City in Haiti, we passed the famous Citadel. I was excited to see it out of the airplane window as Daddy had told me earlier we would be hiking up to it today.

Mommy, who's expecting a baby, couldn't hike very well, so her and Justin took a horse on the way up.

As we hiked we passed banana trees, small houses, and curious children.

I was proud that I could hike faster than anyone else as the cobblestone path was quite steep and the Citadel itself was 3000 feet up.

The fortress was gigantic and very fun to explore!

There were all different types of cannons to investigate. I even fit inside one of them!

The Citadel also had many cannon balls. Dad did get me in trouble when I picked one up. He said it would hurt a lot if I dropped it on my toe!

Once we finished exploring and admiring the views it was time to hike down again. Part way down, Mom said I could have a turn on the horse. I held my little brother tightly, so he wouldn't fall off, as a Haitian man guided us down the mountain.

Back in Cap Haitian we got stuck in traffic on the way to the little hotel we planned to stay for a few nights.

At least there were a lot of interesting things to look at while we waited.

Crossing the canal we couldn't help but notice all the garbage and trash littering the water. Hopefully that will change soon!

The little boutique hotel was just as nice as we remembered it from last year. While Mommy and Daddy checked in, I went to explore the beach and look for sea treasures.

As the sun began to sink, my brother and I played in the water and sand. It felt so nice!

The following day we took motor taxis up to the cruise port. I love motorbikes and shouted for joy as the wind rushed past my face.

At the cruise port we took a boat to sandbar island.

It was a small island, with only sand on it, in the middle of the ocean! It was a lot of fun to play there. Justin and I spent a lot of time collecting a huge pile of dead coral.

The following day we spent some more time playing on the beach.

When Justin got tired, Mom made a little bed for him to sleep on.

At night we would watch the cruise ship sail by.

When it got dark we would lay in the hammock and watch the stars brightly shining overhead.

After a few beautiful days, it was time to pack up and head to our next stop, the village.

There we visited friends and handed out giant sacks of rice and beans.

The families were very happy and said to let our church family in Canada know how thankful they were for their generosity.

From there we went to the mission Mom and Dad work together with. Our church family in Canada had given along money for a feeding program there as well.

Although we were only expecting 100 children, more than 225 kids showed up!

Thankfully, there was enough food for everyone! While they waited for the food to be served, the children sang, clapped and recited Bible verses.

From 2014
My little brother, who loves to sing, got right involved too!

Grandpa and Grandma helped with serving the food on plates and I helped put them on the tables.

The kids were very happy with their rice, beans and chicken!

When Justin and I started getting hungry Mom took us to the guest house for some rice and Haitian goulash. 

Daddy then took Grandpa and Grandma on a tour of the compound.

The sun was just starting to set as we flew back home to Port au Prince.

It sure was nice having Grandpa and Grandma come for a visit!


  1. this would make a great children's book! loved reading it :)

  2. We can't wait to come!! I would love to see the Citadel, but that might have to wait till next trip!

  3. Hay....kristy and Jean Jeans!! Love them and the Pignon area...


  4. I admire you for giving so much importance to time and age. It's also a form of giving importance to those who are giving their time to fill you with love. Anyway, how are your grandma and grandpa? It seems that you really enjoyed your time together. I'm really in awe and inspired with how your family is willing to help those who are in need. Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming post! Kudos and all the best!

    Michelle Simmons @ Comfort Keepers