Saturday, January 18, 2014

In Memory

Lesly Gassant, lead hangar assistant for the MAF Haiti program, died last Saturday, January 11, following an electrical accident in his neighborhood in Port-au-Prince. 

 Electrical lines for city power had just been run into this new neighborhood that has sprung up since the 2010 earthquake. Another MAF worker, Marc Zalus, who lives next door to Lesly, had turned on the city power wire and was shocked. Lesly went to check on the problem and was also shocked. He died soon after that, at approximately 8:00 p.m., as he was transported to the hospital. 

Lesly had worked a normal day on Friday, though his wife, Majorie, mentioned that he had felt ill on Saturday. 

Lesly was 47 years old and is survived by Majorie and his six children: Davidson, Jamesly, Shoumala, Sailande, Christopher, and Madjalie. 

Lesly began working for MAF in March 2005. He helped to load and fuel airplanes and was a big help in the hangar when doing mechanical inspections. He had a pleasant personality, a good sense of humor and was well liked. He was a conscientious worker who didn’t like to go home until the last airplane was unloaded, refueled, and parked for the night. He will be missed. 

Funeral arrangements are set for Saturday morning in Port-au-Prince and the body will be transported to his home in the province for burial. Your prayers are appreciated. 

Attached are two pictures. One showing Lesly, Marjorie, and two of their children was taken last month at the MAF Christmas party. The second was featured in the MAF 2008 calendar. 

David Carwell 
Program Manager, MAF Haiti

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