Thursday, January 16, 2014

Busy Day

Team Journal 5 by Rachel O.

Wednesday January 8

Well we all made it to the halfway point alive and happy, so that's a good thing! Today was busy. After a delicious breakfast of eggs and toast we were on our way. Our first activity for the day was to go see the water pump that we raised money for to help some Haitian farmers increase crop production and size. It was very rewarding to see how helpful the pump would be to the farmers. Now they would be able to grow vegetables even in the dry season!

Back at the mission we worked alongside the locals to level the cafeteria floor so we could pour concrete. For lunch we ate rice and beans, though some of us snuck in a few peanut butter sandwiches!

When lunch was over we joined Kristie who was teaching English class to the elementary students. We also played tag with the kids on the playground which was a lot of fun!

Our next job was to to paint the outside of the cafeteria a light blue, a little paint mysteriously ended up on each other however! Once we cleaned up a bit and Uncle Joe received a second shower from a water fight, we were served pizza for supper. What a treat!

Then we had to hurry to make it on time for the 6 o'clock mid-week service. During the service our team sang 'How Great Thou Art'. Later that night we practiced playing 'Amazing Grace' on Andy's homemade instruments of glass coke bottles. Singing praises to our heavenly Father was a great way to end another amazing day.

The Day in Pictures. 

On the way to where the pump would be installed.

A farmer plowing his field.

Interesting trees and vegetation.

Best way to carry everything!

Little cutie.

Plowed fields.

Growing crops.

Meeting with the farmers.

Getting the pump going.

Back at the mission; mixing cement for the cafeteria floor.

Rice and beans for lunch.

Spending time with the kids.

The Cook's baby!

Painting the cafeteria.

Andy and his guitar.

Yummy pizza dinner!

Darkness falls.

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