Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lots to See and Learn

Team Journal 4 by Melanie O. 

Tuesday, January 7 

Our team started out at 7:30 a.m. to try our hand at construction work here in Haiti. As we worked alongside the local Haitian people breaking down a concrete wall in the cafeteria, we saw just how much more difficult it is to work without the luxury of all the modern tools we take for granted! As we worked we occasionally took breaks to hold one of the Haitian cook's babies. We also toured the student dorms with two university girls. 

Just as we were about to head in for a fairly similar spaghetti lunch, Gisella joined our team as she had been sick for two days but was thankfully feeling better now!

For the afternoon, the guys headed back to the cafeteria to pour the concrete floor while us girls went with Kristie to help teach the Grade 2 English class. We were all absolutely thrilled to have the Haitian kids run up to us for hugs, high fives and pictures. They sang English songs for us with much enthusiasm and clapping. 

After this Kristie drove us girls to a nutrition center about 45 minutes away from the mission to help her. We weighed and measured the height and arm circumference of the children, something Kristie does about every 4 months. We were then privileged to help hand out Christmas presents to them. 

 As we drove home, Kristie told us all about how the mission began and grew in the last 8 years. I would say, the biggest thing that shone through to me was how God's was using JeanJean and Kristie and others to share the gospel and be a light illuminating the community around them. Thanks be to God!

The Day in Pictures 

 Ready to work!

This is harder than it looks!

Working together we get the job done.

Joe having some fun.

Smiling Michelle.

The village landscape with the university in the background.

Learning from the locals.

Spending time with the university students.

Working hard.

Haitian Pikliz.

May I feel your hair?

Empty market.

Haitian homes.

Beautiful landscapes.

At the nutrition center.

Christmas presents!

Rice and beans for dinner.

Soccer game.

Part of the mission compound.


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