Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What's Been Happening Around Here!

For starters, the hard drive specialist in Florida was unable to fix or recover any data from our computer hard drive. For those who were waiting to read 'Team Journal 10', sorry, that information was lost. Although we did lose other pictures and video as well, we had a lot of it backed up on different hard drives so the ultimate losses weren't too bad. To replace our broken computer I now have a laptop I can use for the next few months, so look for regular blog updates again!

Sabboule, Anoud and Denise's six year old has made a full recovery after a serious bout of what I believe was meningitis. He was able to return home after six days in the hospital, and although a list of both prescription and non prescription medicines were administered, a formal diagnoses was never given. Apparently this is quite common in Haiti. We are just so thankful he is well again and able to run around and play like any other little boy his age.

Our guest housing schedule is solidly booked till we plan to leave for Canada at the end of April. Although it is busy hosting, we have an organized system in place and those who come are always more than willing to help out, so things generally run smoothly around here.

Jason's flight schedule with MAF has been busy as well. He enjoys it though, and comes home every day full of stories about the people he flew, airstrips he landed, and supplies he transported.

In the month of February we had a family from Alberta here. They spent time in drought stricken Anse Rouge, helping out at various orphanages, painting at a housing settlement for displaced earthquake refugees, and also enjoyed a few days at the beach. Daniella hopes to share some of their experiences on the blog, so stay tuned for pictures and stories.

The two brothers are growing up fast. Even though they fight at times, separating them is nearly impossible.

Often, when I check on them at night, I find Justin, fast asleep in his brother's bed.

On February 28, Justin celebrated his second birthday.

Energetic and happy our little two year old enjoyed cupcakes,

A hotwheels race track,

and a beach day.

After a long and dusty dry season, the rains have returned. The brown grass is slowly starting to turn green again and we are enjoying the cooler temperatures and fresher air.

We are looking forward to our annual MAF family conferences in the DR this coming Thursday. A time of spiritual enrichment and relaxation, it comes as a welcome break from the day to day challenges of life in Haiti. Hope to share pictures and thoughts about our time there next week God willing.

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