Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Sunday, February 16
Guest post by Daniella M.

It is nice to be back with the Krul family. We are so thankful the Lord has spared us through this week in this amazingly beautiful but yet poor and broken country! We are thankful we can experience life here, and will hopefully view our lives a little differently from now on. We have so much! If only we could be content with all our blessings and stop wanting more!  We will definitely appreciate things like water and food, being able to shower whenever, having power, and being safe without high cement walls draped with razor wire surrounding us.

Today we experienced church in Haiti for the first time.

Although much different than church in Canada, it was good to be there. The Pastor preached a meaningful sermon about Elisha and how the Lord opened the eyes of his servant to see the army of angels and chariots of fire surrounding them, and closed the eyes of the enemy. We pray He may open our eyes to truly see His grace and mercy toward us.

The girls attended Sunday school and learned about Jeremiah watching a potter mold his clay, just as God molds His people to be like Him.

After church we enjoyed some delicious soup and croissants. Later we went for a walk around the neighborhood.

The streets were quiet and there were beautiful flowers and trees to admire.

The houses we passed ranged from large, with big walls and gates, to shacks and tents with walls of patched-together tin.


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