Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another Day in Anse Rouge

Friday, February 14
Guest post by Daniella M.

I wake up to birds chirping, roosters crowing, goats bleating and Creole speaking women preparing breakfast. It had cooled down considerably overnight and I take a moment now to savour the village sounds and cool breezes floating through the open windows.

Later as I walk out of the back door of the guesthouse I see the familiar sight of children riding donkeys with water pails strategically placed in handmade saddle bags. I wonder how long they have been up already? I sure hope and pray they get rain again soon.

Nothing is impossible with God, I remind myself. 

After breakfast we head over to the school for Friday morning chapel. The teachers graciously offer us a seat in the back. As the children in their plaid uniforms and colorful hair ties turn around to look at us I start to tear up a little just thinking about the fact that many had already been up for hours hauling water for their families. Although I am certain they are tired they enthusiastically clap and sing.

Mckinlee and I also visit the Kindergarten class. The youngest children there are barely two years old! They are soon holding Mckinlee's hands, tickling her, and touching her hair.



While we are there, the girls receive dresses that a team brought along from Canada.  We help them put them on and take some pictures. They look so cute!

The boys of course want their picture taken too!

We then visited the Grade 3 class where Mckinlee hands out her cards. It is so neat to see two Grade 3 classes from two totally different countries connect through homemade cards!

The rest of the day we spent time walking around the village, enjoying the butterflies and birds, and trying out our newly learned Creole. (We had received a Creole lesson from Robinsen and I really enjoyed learning the words and using them to communicate with the kids.)

Dave spent the day working on the school roof with locals and a visiting team. He even met another Dutchmen who said, “This roof is verhipt!”

After a supper of pumpkin soup and bread we washed up, endured a visiting cockroach, read a Psalm of thanksgiving, thanked the Lord for His many blessings of safety and health, and soon thereafter fell asleep.

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