Thursday, March 13, 2014

Goodbye Anse Rouge

Saturday, February 15
Guest post by Daniella M.

I woke up feeling a little sad to leave today but also excited for our next adventure. The eggs at breakfast were delicious! I felt spoiled to have my dishes cleared for me but remembered I was helping to provide the workers a much needed income.

The girls were anxious to play with their new friend and we watched as they ran off together chatting and giggling. Life here is so simple and relaxed, yet fraught with many hardships as well.

I found an adorable little two year old Haitian girl to win over named Abigael.

At first she was very shy and wouldn’t look at me, but she slowly warmed up to me when I hung around and went to sit on the cement porch beside her. Before long she was building a rock tower with me, drawing pictures, holding my hand and playing “Ring-around-the-rosy”. Then we walked hand in hand down the village paths.

Later I decided to try help out in the kitchen so I went and asked Samuel how to say, “Can I help you?” in Creole. After a good laugh about how to say “Can I help?” instead of “Help me!” I entered the kitchen where a few ladies were cooking. I was not allowed to help but was soon offered a chair and told “chita”.

It was extremely hot as they cooked huge pots of boiling food over two open charcoal fires and I soon had sweat running down my back, but I didn’t want to leave so soon after being offered a seat!

Thankfully it didn't take that long before the lunch of rice and cooked greens was ready. 

After our meal I was allowed to help with the dishes. When that was done I found Abigeal again and after another little walk, I sat down in the rocking chair on our porch and she climbed onto my lap and promptly fell asleep.

“Li domi” (she’s sleeping) I told her mom who was scrubbing laundry nearby. When she was finished she took her little girl and said, “Mesi” (thank you). I realized it was time to pack up as the MAF airplane would be arriving soon to pick us up.

I quickly packed our things, swept the house that the girls already called “home” and got Jayci and Ani to change out of the matching night gowns they loved to wear.

Ani thought we should just put dolls in the plane and stay 100 days, but promised to take good care of our gecko.

We loved spending time here; everyone was so friendly and welcoming! After goodbyes and thank-yous for the awesome experience we hopped onto the plane with two Haitian ladies who needed a ride to the hospital.

We once again enjoyed the many different types of scenery on the way back; bare mountains, forests, small villages and finally Port au Prince again,  the city of over 4 million.
Some more photos of our day . . .



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