Friday, November 30, 2012


Today was a very special day for us, as I took Jayden on a road trip to Santiago to pickup Justin who has been staying with my sister for the past 6 days. Jayden was excited to get out for a bit, and also excited to go see his baby brother! I found a taxi driver to take us on the 1.5 hour trip to the city, and had an interesting drive as he spoke no English, and my Spanish is pretty poor!

When we arrived at Sherilyn's house, and i opened her door, Justin saw me immediately and stretched his arms out for me saying "dada dada". It was a nice feeling knowing that he still remembered me!

After picking up Justin, I was able to quickly stop by a large Walmart style grocery store, and buy a bunch of things to take back with us, as well as treat Jayden to a large Mc Donald's lunch! It tasted soooo good having some American fast food!

2 hours later we arrived back in Sosua, where we are staying, and Will was very happy to see Justin! It's hard for a mother to be separated from her baby for that long, and it was nice to see them happily together again, and helped lift Will's spirits.

Although Will has been slowly getting her appetite back and eating a little solid foods, she still spent most of the day in bed resting.

We were able to connect with a missionary here who has arranged a lady to help us with the kids for the next several days until Will gets her strength back. We are really grateful for this, and also Jayden, who now has another playmate!

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  1. Glad to hear things are improving! God bless.