Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Moving About

It was nice to see some more positive progression with Will throughout the day, although she was pretty worn out and tired by this evening again.

This morning when we went to visit Will, she was sitting up in bed with the iPad! She was happy to see us both of course after a long night alone. We are continually amazed at the level of service and care that the small hospital provides, and are truly thankful for that! However, her biggest complaint is the frequency that the nurses and even cleaners come into the room. Throughout the entire night she is awoken by the lights going on, simply for a lady to empty the garbage cans in her room at 2:00 am.. But at least she is being regularly checked upon!

Will woke up this morning with all of her clothes and sheets drenched from sweat. It's obviously not from the room temperature since they keep it at around 20 Celsius! But according to the Hematologist, it is normal for the fever and chills to return at night!

Will was anxious to get out of the room for a bit, so we took her for a walk in the wheelchair up and down the hallway. It must be very hard being cooped up in a small room the whole day!

I was hoping to take Jayden today to Santiago to say with my sister and start school at Santiago Christian, but we had yet another setback - her entire family is sick with the cold, and felt pretty miserable today! I feel so bad for Sherilyn and Anthony who are already graciously caring for our 9 month old little handful! Jayden was quite disappointed needless to say, but nothing a bit of soft ice cream and beach time couldn't cure! Please pray for the Koster family as the care for Justin, and that they will also recuperate soon so that Jayden can possibly join them for a short time!

Jayden was quite tired of going to the hospital by the end of today, as we made the trip 4 times! At least it is only a short drive by motorbike taxi! A few times today we walked the whole way! Once for fun, and the other time because I got robbed of the little money I had in my pocket! Actually wasn't as serious as it sounds, as I only go with a little money in my pocket each time for obvious reasons. I stupidly paid the moto driver some money for the ride up, and since he had no change, I asked him to wait for 15 minutes while I ran into the hospital to drop some soup off for Will. No sooner did I go in the building, he sped off with my only money in hand!

It's encouraging to see Will's appetite slowly coming back, as twice I brought a little food for her which she had asked for! However, after taking only a few small bites, she could not eat anymore because of stomach cramps .

I pray that she will have a better rest tonight, and a be well enough that she can maybe move from the hospital to the hotel here for some more rest.

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