Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day by Day

Many of you have been asking how Wilhelmina's been doing so it's easiest to stay in touch through the blog updates. We want to thank you for the many encouraging emails we have received and appreciate your continued prayers!

This is an update from Monday, November 26

I spoke with Will very briefly tonight and she was still very weak, tired and not much had improved with her symptoms. I was not able to talk much more than 3 minutes on the phone with her since she was simply too tired to talk. I have been messaging with her back and forth for the rest and have come to the conclusion that her condition is not improving as quickly as we had hoped.

Doctors reported that her blood count is still very low, and she is on IV 24 hrs a day since her platelets are still not coming up. Her dehydration has since subsided, but she is still very weak, and unable to move around. Since her body was already weak and unable to fight the cold that she previously had, the doctor is also treating Will for Bronchitis and an ear infection. I still dont have a lot more information on her condition other than this. The doctor did tell me that she will need at least 7-10 days to fully recuperate and strongly advises against her traveling until she regains her strength. My hope is that she will get well enough that we can go to Santiago with her where she can continue to rest up a bit, and i can return to Haiti when she is feeling better.

Since my sister has left back for Santiago earlier today, Will has been on her own. After some deliberation, we have decided that it would be best for me to travel back up to Puerto Plata tomorrow morning to be with Will, and also take Jayden with incase her condition declines to the point we need to travel to the States. I will be flying with MAF up to Oanaminthe, walking across the border and taking a bus to Santiago then up to Puerto Plata. For now, we have arranged for a nanny to help with taking care of the kids while they stay with my sister in Santiago.

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