Thursday, November 29, 2012


Today was a very exciting day for all of us (and particularly Will)! After being hospitalized for 6 days, the doctor consented to her release this afternoon! Although Will remains very tired, sore and weak, she was happy to be able to get outside finally and not be bound to her small hospital room.

Jayden and I went earlier today to checkup on Will, and were excited by the news. I immediately began making the necessary preparations to get her to the hotel and settled in. I spoke with the doctor before she was released, and he cautioned us that her platlets were still very low (in the 70,000 range) and she would need some time for that to return to normal. Will is very fortunate that she did not end up needing the blood transfusion as previously anticipated, as her platlet levels finally began to climb for the first time today! Again, we are grateful above all to the Lord for his protection and provision!

The Hematologist advises that she needs to see Will's Blood Platelet levels at least in the 180,000 range before she should travel. This means that she needs at least 4 to 6 days of taking it easy and a healthy diet. We are conveniently staying in a hotel that is very close to the hospital, so she can still do her regular checkups as well as blood tests with the doctor quite easily.

Sherilyn, Anthony and family are still fighting the flu, so we have decided that I go to Santiago tomorrow to pickup Justin. Again, we are truly grateful to them for their help with Justin over the past several days! We were providentially able to connect with some other missionaries here in the Dominican tonight that have offered to help with watching both the kids and homeschooling Jayden!


  1. Wonderful news to see and hear that you have been discharged. Thanks to the Lord for His care.

  2. Praise God from Who all blessings flow! So glad to hear you are able to be out of the hospital and pray that your platelets will continue to climb!! :)

  3. So glad you are doing better! We will be praying for you this week, that you will continue to get stronger and soon be on your feet again.

  4. Jason and Will, we have been praying for you, also at PRTS. Grateful to hear this good news.

  5. Praise God! That is fantastic news.