Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Justin's First MAF Flight

Okay, so I'm a little behind here, but following our weekend in Pignon, Jason sent me and the two boys home via airplane. Reason number one, we had acquired an extra person in Pignon who needed to drive back with us so there was no longer enough room in our vehicle; and reason number two, if you have the option of a short flight versus a long drive with a five year old and a baby, why wouldn't you right?

So, after catching a ride to the airport, we waited at the grass strip for HH-FLY to pick us up.

Once it was safe to do so, Will White, the MAF pilot flying us, took a quick picture of us in front of the airplane.

Then I took this one.

When it was time for us to get in, I lifted Justin up onto the seat.

"I've flown in jumbo jets over a half a dozen times Mom, so what is the big deal here?" Is what he was thinking.

And yes, Jayden is wearing his pajama shirt. Apparently his mother didn't pack enough clothes :)

Taxi across the grass strip and then lift off!

A bird's eye view of Pignon, beneath us.

And over the mountains..

After spending ten minutes or so fiddling with the airplane door handle contemplating the thrill of sky diving, my little adventurous one dozed off in my arms.

Approaching the outskirts of Port au Prince I was able to photograph the land of Canaan from above.

Then approaching the city center, I notice how brown the river still was; after effects of Hurricane Sandy.

A few minutes later we had the airport in sight.

Total flight time 25 minutes compared to 4 hours of driving. That's why MAF is here.

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