Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Latest Happenings Around the House

Yesterday Nicholas started a new school year and it was Sabboule's first day ever.

They looked so cute that morning, all dressed up in their new uniforms.

Nicholas, who has been studying all summer with Anoud, had a great day and came home with glowing reports from his elementary school teachers.

Sabboule's day, however, was a different story. Very shy, he cried when his Mom dropped him off and then came home with a full lunch box of food. Apparently he didn't remember his name so the teacher gave him the wrong lunch! This morning Denise decided to remedy the situation by making a name tag for him. At least this way, the teacher will know who he is!

The two school boys left behind a grumpy two year old sister.

"Why can't I go to school? I'm just as smart as they are!" Is what she is thinking.

Our yard is a mess!

The next door neighbors complained that our beautiful trees are shedding leaves on their property so we have to cut down some of the branches hanging over the walls. The tree-hugger inside me shudders at every whack of the machete. Especially in a country where trees are such a novelty.

Imagine cutting this all with a machete? No chain saws or axes! It's really incredible.

There's one tree they are cutting down completely and when I complained to Anoud he showed me how the roots were growing into the neighbors wall. "With your bedroom wall only 3 meters away, it's dangerous to keep the tree here," he told me. "If this tree fell, your bedroom wall could collapse."

I'd like to see them cut that with a machete!

On a brighter note, at least our solar panels are getting more sun and there's a chance our internet connection might work better too, with less branches in the way.

Jayden is growing up fast! Every now and then when I check on him after putting him in bed, I find him sleeping in ours.

The other night when I said "Goodnight Baby." He seriously informed me that he was not my baby. " The baby is in your tummy Mom. I'm the big brother!"

Why do they have to grow up so fast?

I agreed to not call him baby anymore, but he'll still always be my baby to me!

Ps: Sher, if you noticed the little dog in his arm, he adopted one of yours, hope that's okay!

And yes, if you all were wondering if the sheets on our bed are really that pink, they are. Just like the rest of the room! My husband said I could decorate our room whichever way I wanted, so I did!

This morning we moved all Jayden's furniture into ours, in anticipation for the team of 9 who hopes to arrive tomorrow.

With 3 sleeping in the guestroom, four in Jayden's bedroom and two in the living room it will be a full house. We're excited!

And that is Haiti happenings around the house in a nutshell.


  1. Hi Will....suitcases are packed and ready to go! We have one very excited girl. I so wish I was coming with her to see you. Hopefully she'll like it so much that she'll take me next year:) Have fun! Love Ang

  2. Looks like a good day in Haiti :) Im looking forward to seeing all 3 of u in the Christmas break! Hope you have a fun time with the team there! Love ya lots

  3. Thanks again for sharing parts of your day! Love your bedroom! Fresh and airy!

    Take care of yourself in spite of all the business of another team. Enjoy it - wishing you all many blessings!

    Love Henry and Jenny

  4. Hey, I suppose my lil sis is staying with you then! Glad they are in good hands... say hi to her k:)And take lotsa pics so we can keep up! I'm so glad Leanne had the opportunity to go! Jealous:)Have a great time, and take care of yourself with all the business too eh! Love Sara