Friday, September 30, 2011

Doctor's Visit

Hi! My name is Jayden and I’m four years old. On Wednesday Dad had a day off so we all went to the Doctor’s office. Usually Mom goes by herself every month, but since Dad was home, we decided it would be fun to go all together.

At 11:00 we got into our car and away we went. The roads were bumpy and the traffic was busy, but I like bumpy roads. From my vantage point in my car seat I could see and count all the cars around us.

After a little while, with Mom giving Dad directions, we arrived at the Doctor's office. We had to park on the side of the road because the gate was closed, but that was no problem. Mom held my hand very tightly as we crossed the street since traffic up in Petionville is very busy.

Mom knew just what to do as she slid open the brown gate and Dad and I followed her inside. The office looked quite nice.

We walked up the stairs to the receptionist desk where Mom checked in.

“Ou ka chita la.” (You can sit there) The lady at the desk told us pointing to the waiting area.

We each found a chair to sit on, but didn’t have to wait long, since the Doctor was ready for us.

“Welcome,” the Doctor said and shook all our hands as Mom made the introductions. The Doctor asked Mom questions and then it was time to go to the exam room. Mom had to lay on a special bed, which made me nervous.

“Is the baby going to come out, Dad?” I whispered. I’m pretty sure babies are sneezed out, but it still sounds sort of painful.

The Doctor hearing my question, smiled at me.

“Don’t worry little boy,” he said. “The baby first has to get bigger before he/she comes out.”

Relieved I nodded.

Dad lifted me up so I could see as the Doctor put some cream on Mom’s tummy. He then turned on a machine with a special stick at the end that he placed on Mom’s tummy. When he was ready the Doctor turned the lights off and we could see the little baby on the screen. The baby was jumping and waving. Mom said that was because he/she was happy.

The Doctor measured all the baby parts and then took the ultrasound video and put it on a DVD for Mom to take home. He does this every time so we can see how the baby is getting bigger and bigger.

When we were done, I spent some time looking at the fish in the Doctor's fish tank.

Mom asked the Doctor if she could take a picture and he said; “Of course, as long as that boy comes on it too.”

Then Mom booked her next appointment and it was time to go home. It was interesting to visit the Doctor. Maybe I can come some other time again, Mom said.

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  1. Wow Jayden! That was an exciting day for you. I think you may want to be a doctor when get bigger too. Or a pilot?
    Make sure mommy doesn't sneeze too much yet because your little brother or sister wants to be bigger first. He or she wants to be big to play with your trains and go sledding with grandpa.