Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saturday in Pictures

6:40 a.m.
Early morning mists hangs over the city as Jayden and I wait at our gate for a ride to the airport.

At the domestic terminal, Michael Broyles, our MAF pilot for today, readies the caravan for flight. It will be our first flight in the caravan and Jayden and I are excited.

Inside, the caravan is spacious!

Our co-pilot Kaydence, Michael’s daughter, greets us from the cockpit where she is propped up on a giant pillow!

An excited Jayden flashes me a huge grin!

Our first stop is the Hinche airport. It’s a rocky, dirt strip not far from Pignon, our destination.

10 minutes after takeoff from Hinche, Pignon’s grassy airstrip comes into sight.

As we descend, I catch a good glimpse of the job site where the team is working.

The airplane Jason flew to Pignon yesterday afternoon is parked on the side of the runway.

Jason comes driving up several minutes later in a vehicle borrowed from a Pastor to pick up Jayden and I and our bags. The job site is walking distance from the airport so that’s our first stop. The team is working hard putting up 7 homes for earthquake victims who relocated to Pignon.

A group of kids hang around the job site and help out when they can.

Jayden and I take cover from the burning sun in the makeshift church. A group of kids join us and we spend some time getting to know them.

At noon we head to the guesthouse for lunch. After lunch we drive to Can De Le Gras for a food distribution of rice and beans that Jason and several team members had purchased at the local market. The kids are excited to see us and the team works hard handing out the food.

When we leave an excited and thankful group of children wave us off as they carry the food back to their families.

Driving back to the guesthouse Jayden greets everyone with a “Bonjou! Koman ou ye? (Good day! How are you?) The villagers love it!

At the guesthouse a yellow school bus is waiting for us. We all grab our overnight bags and pile onto the bus.

We laugh at the sign and then watch as it proves to be true as more and more people get on for a free ride!

The 45 minute bus ride to another mission outpost is exciting. We laugh and hang on for dear life as the bus bumps and jolts over the deep ruts in the road!

At the mission outpost a hundred children are waiting in a gazebo. After introductions are made we help the kids make a craft.

After the craft is finished we hand out plates of rice and bean sauce and stewed vegetables.

Then all the children get clothing and school supplies.

Jayden makes new friends quickly.

That night we eat our meal of rice and bean sauce and then head outside to sit around a coal camp fire. A converted witch doctor comes to share his stories about voodoo, zombies, and how God saved him. The flickering flames reminds us that God's light shines through the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it. (John 1:15)


  1. Hey it's my bro-in-law and nephew Jake and Brent! Looks like they/you guys are having a great time! :) Love your pics and blog - thanks for sharing!

  2. very cool. and i especially love the last paragraph. sounds like an amazing night!