Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Glimpses of Monday

Jingle, creak, groan. I hang on for dear life as the old U-haul truck barrels over the rutted road. The teens and Jayden sit on the back ledge as the rest of us hold onto side bars.

We arrive at the job site several minutes later and I take photo's as several team members discuss the plans for today.

The girls get right to work painting. So far things are progressing really well.

A donkey grazing at the job site soon becomes a popular photo op as some of the Haitian workers want to pose with it and Jayden.

It’s all about working together and it’s encouraging to see how well it goes.

Hearing the hum of an airplane, I look up at the cloudy sky to see Jason flying overhead.

The weather is perfect for working, not too hot or humid today.

Jayden makes friends with a little boy called Jimmy and together we go exploring.

We follow a narrow path unsure of where it will take us.

On the trail we meet two baby goats and their Mama.

On a bluff overlooking the river we take a break.

From our vantage point we have a great view of what's happening down below.

We follow the trail to the main road and then make our way to the air strip where Mark and James are mowing. We spy on Mark through a gap in the cactus fence.

The village is full of animals and on the way to the airport gate we meet a giant black pig

and a pack horse.

The grass that hasn’t been cut yet is very high and the two boys have fun running through it.

Jayden goes for a ride on the mower. He loves it!

James drives up several minutes later on his mower since he had problems getting it started.

Back at the job site the team continues to work hard.

Jayden finds a perfect place to play on a giant mountain of dirt.

He soon makes new friends who help him plant trees on the 'deforested' mountain.

At 1:00 p.m. Jason flies in to pick up Jayden and I and several other passengers.

Circling over the job site we can see the progress that has been made since Saturday.


  1. Wow what a busy lady you are Will. You have given us all three wonderful accounts of whta is being done over there in Pignon.

  2. Crystal,now that we know you can paint, we have lot's of work waiting for you at home.Thanks for the updates Will, we really appreciate it :)

    Love Chantelle

  3. Wow that's awesome what the team was able to do while they were there! And i'm so glad they have you and Jason to host them and facilitate all of it! You are such a blessing to so many people Will! Miss you!