Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sunday in the Village

5:30 a.m.
Meee, Meee. Cock a doodle do. I stir and sit up in the semi darkness. The screened window opening does nothing to block out the village noises so I just sit for a moment and listen.

“Mom, Mom!” Jayden’s awake too and slides out of his narrow bunk on the opposite side of the room. I look over at the other corner where Jason is still sleeping soundly.

“Shhh Jay, Daddy’s still sleeping.”

I quietly help Jayden get changed and slip on his shoes and then we head outside into the early morning coolness. A light mist hovers over the compound.

Camera in hand, we explore the premises.

I turn to snap a picture of the guesthouse where we are staying.

Then we follow the trail past a beautiful hibiscus bush.

A couple of guinea hens look up curiously as we pass.

Further down the path the church comes into sight. It’s a fairly new church plant, and it’s where we will be attending later this morning.

Finishing our tour we walk back to the camp for a breakfast of bread and cinnamon buns. By now everyone’s awake and I laugh as I watch them stretch and yawn. Haiti mornings are always early.

Church starts at 8:00 so at ten to eight we all walk over. When we arrive, the benches are only half full, but it’s interesting to watch as more and more people come as the service progresses.

I find a back bench to sit with Jayden, and am soon joined by two and then five and then 8 other children. The bench that comfortably fits 8 soon proudly boasts 13!

The singing last for the first hour, and it’s beautiful to listen too. After that Jayden starts to fidget badly, partly from being so squished and partly from being tired, so I decide to take him back to the guesthouse. These last few days have been really busy so I lay him down for awhile. He doesn’t complain as I pull off his shoes and cover him with a sheet.

Church is over an hour later and the team decides to go for a walk before lunch. On their walk they see voodoo caves, altars and even a skull.

After a delicious lunch of pate,a Haitian meat pie, and an hour afternoon rest it’s time to drive back to the other mission for the evening service there.

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