Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Update ...

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? We’ve been enjoying your comments, but haven’t had time to reply yet since our access to internet has been very limited. I’m typing this at the camp where we are staying right now, (Camp de la Grace) and Jason hopes to go to the school this afternoon to post this on our blog. We are thankful to say that Jason is feeling much, much better. He completed taking the malaria medication on Sunday and is now feeling a lot more like himself. Jayden has had an upset stomach for the last two days, but seems to be doing much better today. I got sick last night, so I’m not functioning too well right now, but I can still sit behind the laptop and type so I guess it’s not too bad. It seems like we’ve been here much longer then 5 days! We’ve been adjusting well and had some neat experiences. Since we are living in a small isolated village, we are able to observe village life all around us. We’ve also seen all types of interesting little animals and bugs. Just the other day we found a giant tarantula. It had been hibernating in a rock pile, but had come out when the sun peaked through the clouds. The Edgerton children had been waiting for just this thing and had their bug aquarium ready. It was gross looking at the big hairy spider, but also very interesting. We took all kinds of pictures and hopefully we will be adding those to our picasa picture gallery, if the internet connection is strong enough to let us upload pictures. If you want to check, just click on our website and then on photos. Every morning Jayden wakes up early, like 4:30 and although we try to keep him in bed till 5:30 he’s raring to go outside. He chases the chickens around, feeds the goats, and picks up all types of interesting rocks, pieces of mud, etc and tries to eat them! This is a little disturbing, so one of our Hatian friends recommended a muzzle. Apparently they use them on their little kids here. Although that idea at first really appalled me, today he was picking up goat terds, thinking they were droopies (mmmm...droopies.....), so I don’t know! No wonder he had an upset stomach!
Yesterday was our first day of language school. Our instructor’s name is Jacquline, but she speaks almost no English. Our book is also very ancient, mice have had a few dinners out of them, and they smell like moth balls, but oh well. We’ve been learning a lot of new words, and it’s amazing how much we can understand Creole already! The weather today is nice. Although it has been cooler then we expected, its probably around 20 degrees today, with some clouds.
Besides learning Creole and bug hunting , we’ve also had time to go on some beautiful hikes. The vegetation, rivers and mountains are beautiful. Along the mountains wild potatoes grow, which we eat for dinner. Cows graze along the river banks. Tall sugar cane plants sway proudly in the breeze, and majestic palm trees reach up high to touch the ever changing sky. Jeroen, you would totally love hiking around here, and Jaap you and the girls would love all the unique bugs! I miss all of you and hope to write more soon!

We hope to update it regularily.


  1. Hey you guys hows it going? looks awesomely fun out there and i so wish that I could be there right now. It's got to be better than all this rain we've been getting. Jayden looks really super cute in those pictures. I cant believe how much he's growing up! I'm missing you guys TONS!!! and please make sure that Jayden doesn't eat anymore goat turds =S I heard that and I was grossed out. So I'm guessing that Jayden loves playing outside with the Haitian kids, but tell him Auntie Esther say he needs to sleep in later than 4:30 because otherwise he's gana get mom and dad all tired and cranky! anyways have a good week and I hope to hear from you guys soon!! cuz ur been missed like crazy! give Jayden a BIG hug and kiss for me and make sure he doesnt forget who i am =P luv ya guys tons!


  2. Glad to heat that Jay id doing much better! Hopefully you'll feel better soon too.
    Jayden seems to be in his element out there in the village! So much to see and do (and taste :S) Does he like playing with the Hatian children? I bet he will start picking up Creole real soon.
    We are praying for you (Tais doesn't let us forget!) as you adjust to living in Pignon.
    Love, Sher.
    PS Tais tells Everyone he meets that his Uncle Jay and Aunt Will are living in Haiti, and that Jayden plays with chocolate boys :)

  3. Good to hear that Jay is doing much better, but hopefully Will is also feeling better. How about Jayden? Is he also better? I really enjoyed your pics. Maybe you eat too much sugar cane Will!!!!
    Hope to talk to you sometime soon.

  4. 1) Hi Esther, yeah we are really enjoying our time here. We miss you a lot too. Start saving so you can come visit. Jayden now has a bucket where he puts things in rather then sticking it in his mouth so that's much better ;).
    2)Hi Sher, yeah i'm feeling much better. Just a 24 hour flu thing or maybe something I ate, who knows around here ;). I'm glad you're not forgetting about us, and that's so cute about Tais. What a sweetie. Give Kale's and Tais big hugs from us.
    3)Hi Mom, yes I'm feeling better. Jayden is fine too. He loves the camp where we live. So much to do, and so many animals to chase. Today he came running inside all upset because a massive turkey had almost run him over! It was so cute seeing how he was trying to explain it to us!