Sunday, November 9, 2008

School Collapse in Petionville, Haiti

As many of you have already heard on the news, there has been a collapse of a large 3 story Christian School here in Petionville (less than a few KM away from us). The death toll is now rising above 100, but is highly expected to rise as there were approx 600 people in the building when it collapsed! Hundreds of children and teachers are still trapped beneath the rubble, and there is virtually no heavy machinery nearby to assist in the rescue efforts. Please pray for Haiti as they suffer yet another loss / setback. Our Haitian neighbor lost 2 nephews and another with severe trauma in the collapse. We have not yet been able to get to the collapse site as tens of thousands of Haitians crowd the streets near the scene, and make it impossible to get through. The UN forces along with the Red Cross are working steady to rescue/retrieve as many victims as possible with the meager equipment available. Here is a video clip that shows a little more..

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  1. Wow! That is scary!
    We pray for all those involved that they may be able to rescue as many as ossible!
    Take care love Henry and Jenny