Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our last night in Port-au-Prince!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? We are doing fine! Well Jayden and I are doing fine, but Jason is a little under the weather. He spent the day in bed today with a fever, aches and chills. I keep teasing him that it’s just a man cold, but our program director said it could be Malaria. If it is, we will find out tomorrow. We hope to leave tomorrow for language school and cultural training in Pignon and there is a hospital close by there. Apparently you can take a simple test and find out if it is malaria or not. There is a treatment available there too. Today was a very busy day for me. With Jason in bed, and Jayden getting into all kinds of trouble (J) I was left to pack for the next 3 months. Good thing for me I have become a pro packer. With all the moving around in the last year, I barely have to think about what we need and how to pack, so that’s a good thing. Except this time we have to bring flashlights, mosquito nets, bug spray, powdered milk, etc, all those things we didn’t need to take on our other moves. I just noticed I have spots all over my arms and legs again. Apparently it’s fairly common to get minor allergic reactions to some of the plants and insects here, since we haven’t come in contact with them before. It doesn’t bother me that much though. If it does I just take some Benadryl and that takes care of it. Tomorrow we get to experience our first MAF flight and we are very excited about that. Our language studies will be done in a small village. I’ll write more about it when we’re there! There is a school nearby where we can check our email and write blog entries so we hope to keep you posted what life is like in Pignon.


  1. Dear Will, Jason and Jayden;

    How I wish we could just come over there and give you a hand a minute! Take care of yourself please. Hope Jason doesn't have malaria! Just as you are settling in you're on the move again. Take care and have a safe trip. Love Henry and Jenny

  2. All the best in Pignon, and hope Jay feels better soon... hopefully its not Malaria! You seem to be adjusting well to the idea of BUGS... although I'm sure you haven't taken to killing them yet! Better go, we have a last minute concert tonite and I have to get ready still and get the babysitter. Love you all,
    luv Anita

  3. All the best while at language school. Sure hope Jason is feeling better soon and that it's not malaria. Love the Beeke's

  4. I hope, Jason, you’ll get well soon!
    Have a good time in Pignon! It seems quite in the middle of nowhere. But well, if you’d mind that, you’d better not have gone to Haïti at all, I guess. How was your first flight? Seen any comfortable airstrips? :-)
    You make me feel quite welcome! I'd love to come visit, but I just can't tell whether it's possible yet. I can’t come before July 14 anyway.
    I was wondering about the time shown under your posts: who’s time is that? It’s not yours, is it? Is it Chilliwack's time?
    We are expecting the first snow tomorrow! I’d almost believe I see our climate changing. :-)
    Love, Mary

  5. 1) Hi Henry & Jenny.
    Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but we finally have a little longer time on the internet here. Jason has had malaria, but is feeling totally better now so that's really good. Although we do occasionally get home sick we have been really enjoying our time here in the village for the most part. Thanks for your comments. We love hearing from you.
    2)Hi Anita. It's hard to admit it but I have gone to killing bugs. Ever since Jason had malaria, we feel no pity for mosquitos! We have a fly swatter which we call the skeeter beater and go on a rampage every night. I think Jay killed like 26 the other day. They still get us though. I just counted 35 bites just on the bottom half of my one leg!
    3) Hi Joyce. Thanks for your comments! As you probably know it was malaria, but he's over it now. Hope everything is going well with you guys too.
    4)Hi Mary! The flight to Pignon was incredible! We loved it! We are enjoying the village alot too. Did you get your snow yet? It seems wierd even thinking about snow here. :) as for the time on our post, it's just random. I have no idea where that time comes from :) Nice hearing from you. Love Will