Monday, November 24, 2008

Life in Pignon

Hello All,

We are doing well in Pignon! Jason is over his malaria -PTL! We had our first Kreyol lesson today which was pretty cool. We have uploaded a few pictures on our website of Pignon so you can check it out. We hope to write more tommorrow.



  1. Good to hear that Jason is doing better, an answer to your prayers. Glad that you enjoyed your first lesson at language school. What do you do with Jayden when you are in school?
    Luv mom

  2. Gemma wants to say something to Jayden...

    How is it going over there? I am already in school. Do you like the toys Grandma gave you? I got a Barbie suitcase for when we go to Grandma at Christmas. Mommy said I could put snacks and a new box of crayons in it. I can't wait. Only 25 more sleeps! Love Gemma

  3. This is Anita.... I know that was a jumble of questions and comments by Gemma, but she is at the age where she seems to know if you are writing what she says or not! I don't even know if all those questions are pertinent or not... I mean.... how does she know if Grandma gave toys to Jayden or not! She such a fun little girl these days! Glad to hear that Jay is feeling better! Love Anita

  4. what's with that spider? Is it a trancula, and did you catch it in the wild? Wasn't Jayden scared of it? Did you really keep it? Did you also enjoy eating the sugar cane? Looks like the children there are enjoying your company. Talk to you later.
    Give Jayden big hugs and kisses.

  5. 1) Hi Mom. Yes we are very thankful that Jason is better. We are also really enjoying language lessons. We've timed it that Jayden naps while we have ourlessons and that is working out really well.
    2) Hi Gemma, how are you? That's great that you are in school! Are you enjoying it? Yes, Jayden loves the toys that he has, also the ones from Grandma! So you have a Barbie suitcase? That is great! It will be fun for you to visit Chilliwack! Love auntie will.
    3)Hi Anita. It's cute that she has all those questions. She sounds very smart! Yes, we're all very happy that Jason's over his malaria. Hope to hear from you again soon.
    4)Hi mom (again)! Yes, the spider was a giant turantula. It was gross, in a kind of interesting way. We caught it in a little aquarium, but after everyone had a good look we threw it back into the forest. The sugar cane is a lot of fun too. It's kind of like chewing on sweet bark. There are always a lot of children around and it's a lot of fun spending time with them.