Friday, November 14, 2008


Here we are in front of our new home!

This is the family who is living with us, and are taking care of the house. Their names are Anoud & Denise and their two children are called Nicolas and Sabboule.

Here is Jayden sharing his toys with his two new Haitian brothers!

Another picture of us, this time with a larger view of our house.

Nicolas & Jayden.


Hello everyone! How are you all doing? We are doing fine! How’s the weather here? Well warm as usual. I think every day it’s been around 30 degrees or so and we’ve been acclimatizing pretty well! At least we’re not sweating so much anymore! We are thinking of all of you shivering in cold Canada and the USA. ;) It’s hard to believe it’s actually November and Christmas is just around the corner!
The Edgerton family arrived today and we were very happy to see them. They are the other family that’s joining MAF Haiti. Their names are Todd and Jennifer and they have two children Kyle and Meagan. Jason and Todd, always joke about being “the other half”, since all the career staff in MAF Haiti are both Pilot and Mechanic. In our case Jason is the pilot and Todd is the mechanic. We’ve done several classes with them when we were in Nampa Idaho and really enjoyed spending time with them. We’d better because they are now living in the same place we are! The house we are staying at right now, is actually their house, since we are still waiting for electricity and a few basic appliances to be installed. It’s really nice having them here. I guess we are just used to our little one bedroom apartment, and the house we are staying at now seemed big and empty but now that the Edgertons are here and unpacking their things it feels more cozy.
Except for the couch, stove, fridge and two beds, which are all sitting in Customs, we’ve unpacked and set everything else up in our own house. It’s a lot of fun, finally being able to unpack after being on the move for the last year. However, next week we move again, this time to a small village in Pignon for 3 months of language and cultural studies, but at least our things are unpacked and most of our house is set up. As we mentioned earlier, a family is currently employed as care-takers of our home and we have included some pictures. They live on our property and Jayden plays with their two little boys. Their names are Anoud and Denise and their two children are Nicolas and Sabboule. We’ve included pictures of them and our home and hope you enjoy.


  1. Hey! Nice pictures! The more the better :-)
    In Holland it's 10 degrees, rainy and foggy. Brr... I'd love to feel the Haïtian temperature right now.
    Jaydon will probably soon become the best language teacher you can wish... Kids learn so fast! Poor you spending hours practicing while he's learning without any effort.
    Love, Mary

  2. thanks for answering our ?'s... I'm sure the girls will come up with more. Glad to see your are adjusting so far, hopefully your things will come from customs soon. Have a great day... I'll be staying cozy inside

    Luv Anita

  3. Good morning Will
    Yes the weather here is cold 2 degrees last night. Did any thing break from the move? Did all those pampers help?. Did Jason have fun with all the tape that dad put aroung all the boxes? Are the children playing with the Lego that we gave Jayden for his birthday? Is this the first time that they have seen this toys? Do you know how long it will be before you get the rest off your stuff? Give Jayden a big kiss and hugs form us.

  4. Hey you guys

    Thanks for the response. Like you said, it is hard to believe that it is so warm out there and we are wearing sweaters and sitting in front of the fire place! Yeah, we miss Monday night too :( Chantelle called this past Monday asking if she was still invited, but we decided it was too boring without you... ( we said, maybe next week) Well, have a good weekend!

  5. Hi to you all,
    Love reading your updates and glad to hear things are going well. That's very nice to have the other family there with you too. Will they be going to language school at the same time too?
    I'd love some of that warm heat right now too. When the kids get home we're going to go out and rake the back lawn - it's cold but not raining right now so before it does again we'd better get them off. Take care!
    Love Bill, Joyce and family

  6. 1)Hi Mary. Our new adress is 3170 airmans drive, unit 2119, Ft Pierce Fl, 34946 USA. Please do send a card, that would be fun! :)So it's cold in Holland now? At first we were always hot here, but now we are adjusting really well. We are all excited about language school, since then we will be able to communicate witht the people. Some hatians speak some English, but speaking to them in their native tongue would be much better!
    2) hi Anita, let me know when the girls have more questions. we love hearing from you guys!
    3) Mom! so many questions!! Oh well here goes. Yes some things did break in our move. The glass shattered on one of our big pictures, and 2 ikea glasses broke. I think that was it so that's not so bad at all. Using a box cutter really helped to get the tape off quick so that wasn't a problem at all. Yes, the kids are playin with the lego. You can see it on the new pictures we posted. They loved the toys, but I'm not sure if that is the first time they've seen them or not since we can't communicate very much. We mostly just point and use sign language. Hopefully jason will be able to pick up the rest of our things tommorow, but this is Haiti, so we can't count on it for sure. And don't worry Jayden gets lots of hugs and kisses and we've been telling him about grandma and grandpa and that they love him very much!
    4)Hi sher! Monday nights are too boring without me? Thanks, i guess you guys always did have fun laughing about me!! ;) anyways keep them up, cuz when we come back to visit you guys better still remember all the fine details of foot baths. ;)
    5) Hi Bill and Joyce. I'm glad you like our blog! I love writing, so this is fun for me too. Yes, the Edgerton family will be coming to Language school with us so that will be really nice. Have fun racking your leaves! Take care

  7. hello
    it was nice to see you! it seems so close, but it's a world away. My love for now!

    Oma Krul

  8. Hello Oma,
    Yes Chilliwack does seem so far away, its nice to have modern technology like Skype and cellphones to bridge that gap! We miss you alot!
    Luv Jason Will and Jayden!

  9. Bonjou! Komon ou ye? Ou konprann? I guess so. I was wondering what Kreyol was like, so I looked it up. It seems a lot like French! Almost as Afrikaans is like Dutch. Too bad my French is quite poor. I love languages! I enjoyed my year at language school very much, where I studied Dutch Sign Language. The experience of step-by-step understanding more and more of a language that first made no sense to you at all is very exciting! I'd love to come visit and try to speak some Kreyol myself some time! :-)
    Thanks for the address! I gave it to Oma too. You can expect a card soon. My university is in Amsterdam, so I’ll try to find you one there with a nice, very Dutch view.
    Love, Mary

  10. Like the pictures very much, I couldn't view them before. All those potted plants and trees.... I wish I was there, we have snow on the ground here, and more falling now... groan. It looks pretty now, but in a couple months I'll wish it was over, but it won't even be close! Bad attitude, I know!!! Bye for now!

  11. Dear Jay Will & Jayden
    Was glad to hear that all the rest of your furniture came and nothing was stolen. Did you find Jayden's crocs? Will we be able to e-mail and skype you when you are in language school? Here we are all recouvering from the flu, also heard that Jason was also under the weather. Is Jayden starting to pick up some (Kreol). You must be getting ready to leave in 2 days.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Love Mom

  12. #9) Hi Mary, so you're studying kreyol already? That's great.. we would love to have you come visit, so you can practice more ;). Language school will be done in February and my parents hope to come in spring break. You are welcome anytime after that. thanks for giving oma our address.
    #10)Hi Anita! Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Snow already? That's exciting.. but I guess you could get tired of it after awhile.. I think I will miss snow tho.. Although it is somewhat cooler now that winter is approaching the seasons don't change too much here.
    Ps: thanks for your comments :)
    #11)Hi mom! Yes all are things are here now! So we are very happy about that. Yes, I did find Jayden's crocks he wears them all the time. Are they still available in Canada, or are they out of season.. If you can still buy them can you get a pair size 7 & 8 we will pay you back. As for being able to skype during language school we won't know until we get there. Jason's feeling a bit better. Just working really hard and his body's trying to adjust here so I don't think its anything major. Kind of like a man cold ;). Anyway we hope you get over your flu soon. Love Jason, Will & Jayden.

  13. Hi! It's true it's not too warm out here, but I for one would not trade for your 30 degrees right now! At least if I'm chilly I can just add another layer! We're doing well, keeping busy enough to be cheerful but not too busy to think. That might come next month :) Your new home looks beautiful. In school we talked about Haiti being closer to the equator than Canada, and the difference this makes in the weather. "Haiti" is too hard to remember I guess, because Levi calls it the "purple country" (yes we used a globe!) and we had to explain more than once why you went to live there. Joel has fun looking at your pictures, he can say "Hi Jayden" and "nigh-night Jayden". Take care! Anne-Marie

  14. Hi Anne-Marie! Nice hearing from you! Well the weather has cooled down here. Today was our first cloudy day and it probably didn't get much hotter then 22 degrees. You must be busy with homeschooling and such! That's neat that your showing the kids where Haiti is. Is Joel talking quite a bit? How are you feeling? Are you due soon? hope to hear from you.. Love Jason, Will & Jayden