Monday, July 8, 2013

Guest Post - A day flying with Jason

Nicole K, a girl from Abbotsford, who had arrived on Saturday, June 22, spent the day flying with Jason. Below she shares a little about her experiences. 

Monday, June 24 

Today I went flying with Jason! First we flew two girls to the island of La Gonave and then headed over to Port de Paix to pick up a sick girl. It was exciting being the co-pilot as we flew over Haiti and the surrounding Caribbean ocean! 

After lunch we flew back to La Gonave to drop another passenger off. 

This time we stayed at the airstrip as Jason had to put up a new wind sock. A group of kids followed us as we walked over to the old wind sock. When they spotted the camera in my pocket they grabbed it and started taking pictures of each other and laughing. 

When we headed back to the airplane we were surrounded by a group of children. Two little girls begged to be held so I had one in each arm. 

Jason decided to take five of the kids on a little airplane ride. When he landed a few minutes later with them, two of the kids fell down laughing and kissed the ground. Jason told me that a few of the kids thought they were going to crash and one kid kept saying “Jezi” over and over again! 

Then it was time for us to head back to Port au Prince. As I fastened my seat belt a young boy who had stayed by my side the entire time we were on the island came over to the window and blew me a kiss. That was so sweet! 

On the flight back I couldn’t help but admire the gorgeous coastline God had created.

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  1. It looks like a very beautiful area and I've seen my way around since i'm retired from flying planes but enjoy wearing randolph-engineering