Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Team Journal 9

Monday, July 8 (Final Post)
Written by Marissa Moens 

I was ruthlessly awoken at 7:30 on Monday morning by Jayden dumping a cup of water on my head! 

The morning consisted of everyone scrambling around quickly packing and cleaning up Will and Jason's house. After a breakfast of whatever food could be found in the kitchen, we piled into the back of Jason's truck and headed to the Apparent Project in Port au Prince. 

The Apparent Project was created by a woman who had originally come to Haiti to adopt. Once in Haiti she soon realized that most children in orphanages had parents, but they simply were unable to provide the means to care for them. Since then she has created a work shop that employs people like these, making and selling jewelry, pottery, handbags, etc.

We received a tour of the place and got to watch how beads were made from cereal boxes and how pottery was made from clay.

Much to our delight the Apparent Project also included a smoothie stand that we all took advantage of. They were delicious.

After we had finished shopping,

we headed back to Jason and Will's house and loaded our suitcases onto the truck. After quick goodbyes we were on our way to the airport. 

This time around our flights were all on time and travel went quite smoothly. That is until we arrived in Seattle. By then we were all tired and discombobulated. It took awhile to find the phones to call the park and fly place our vehicles were at. When we found them eventually, it took them awhile to answer the phone. It all worked out in the end though and we were soon home bound!

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