Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Welcome Friends

June 27, 2013
6:32 p.m.

The skies open and rain thunders down. Jason turns the window wipers to the maximum speed setting but they are no match for the deluge of water soaking the Toyota. Slowing down to a crawl due to low visibility we merge into traffic.  

Through the window I watch as pedestrians take cover under nearby overhangs. With rains like this there is little else you can do.

A few hours earlier we had been reunited with our friends..

After getting reacquainted, putting the suitcases away and stopping for a quick snack break we headed out for dinner.

Now with 11 of us packed into the Toyota we are driving Haitian style!

Dinner is tasty mix of burgers, fries and pizza. 

By the time we are finished the rain has diminished to a mere sprinkle.

From the look out point by the parking lot, I do my best to photograph the lights on the hillside.

On the way home we make a quick stop at the grocery store. While I wait with the kids in the car, Justin takes over the wheel.

Back home again Laura and I get the kids ready for bed.

Tomorrow will be another busy day as there will be nine more guests arriving, God willing.

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