Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Days - By Justin Krul

Hi! I am Justin and I am one year old! 

Mom thought it would be fun for me to be on the blog for a change so hear I am! 

Don't you love my hat?

My brother wears one too! I think we look like scary soldiers in these Tupperware helmets!

My brother is hilarious, by the way!

I love him a lot!

What else has been happening here in Haiti? 

Well, a few days ago Mom decided she had enough of the pests invading our home and yard. Singing 'I can't take this anymore I had enough', she spent hours emptying everything out of the kitchen.

 I helped too, sort of.

She said I helped her 'van de wal in de sloot', that's Dutch for 'from the bank into the ditch', so I guess I wasn't super productive!

Then she drove us to the store and stocked up on cockroach spray and glue traps. That night she wrapped a bandanna around her face, (just like a robber!), and she sprayed the whole kitchen.

Don't mess with my Mom! Especially if you are a cockroach!

The next morning...

Yes, totally disgusting, I know.

 Here, you can have a closer look!

I knew you wanted to see that!

The glue traps, meant to catch the rats outside, have so far only caught a gekko and a cat! The cat did manage to get away but left half of her whiskers behind on the trap! Mom was not too impressed! 

But enough about our pets, I mean pests! 

We had a visitor this week too! Djempsky came to visit us again from the village!

If you want to read the story about his first visit just click here. It was fun having him over!

Mom took us all swimming at a nearby pool. Djempsky could swim very well as he often swims in the river close to his home!

I love swimming and playing in the pool too!

The next day Daddy took Djempsy flying with him and he saw the ocean for the first time in his life.

He couldn't believe how big and wavy and salty the water was. He didn't dare to swim out too far because he was worried a shark might eat him up!

Dad taught him how to hunt for crabs which he though was pretty cool! 

Dad forgot to tell him crabs can pinch sometimes though! Oops!

While Daddy and Djempsky were out flying, we had a picnic outside in the grass. 

In the corner of the yard where the bougainvillea drapes over the wall, Mommy found a shady corner. 

When we finished our snacks, we rested on a blanket and looked up at the sun filtering through the trees.

It sure was a nice way to spend a warm summer afternoon!

Well, that's all for now! Hope to share again sometime! 

Love, Justin