Thursday, April 19, 2012

Psychological Evaluations and Physical Exams

“This is NOT Apple Juice! It’s PEE!!!” A gleeful little boy races down the hallway. Red faced I chase after my rambunctious son.

“Come back here Jayden!” I yell after his retreating figure.

Finally, reluctantly, he slows to a stop. Out of breath, I pull up beside him. Reaching for his arm, I pull the sealed container of yellow liquid from his hand. Then as nonchalantly as possible I open the door of the Missionary Health Institute and unobtrusively place the container on the edge of the counter.

“Let me take that!” A nurse smiles kindly at me, and I smile back. Today is Monday, April 16 and we are just completing our medical exams.

This morning following a 2 hour psychological evaluation, we were poked, prodded and tested to check if we were still physically healthy after 3 years in the third world.

Although slightly apprehensive coming in, neither the psychological nor physical tests were that bad, and the Doctors, Nurses, and Psychologists were beyond kind.

Now with Jayden’s urine sample complete, it’s finally time to go home.

Well, not home exactly. First a stop at Lea’s house for dinner and a get together with MAF office staff and then to the Best Western for a good night rest.

Pushing the office door open and feeling the warm sun and cool wind on my face, I sigh. Glad that’s over.

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