Friday, April 20, 2012


April 18, 2012

“Mom, I want to go home.”

I turn slightly to look at my son. Now, not only does he have laryngitis and bronchitis, he’s also battling an eye infection. Thankfully, the daily application of Vicks on his chest has eased his cough, but his red bleary eyes paint a sad picture.

“What home do you mean Jayden?” I question.

Since a new family has temporarily moved into our home in Haiti; we recently moved out of the home in Agassiz where we where house sitting, and we’ve been house hopping ever since, we are currently homeless.

“You know, Mom, the one that had the two girls.”

Sharing a smile with Jason, I shake my head. Just last night we stayed at the Byl’s and Jayden enjoyed it so much he was ready to move in. A toy room, girls to play with, and an unlimited supply of cocoa puffs for breakfast, what more could a little boy want?

“We’re going to another house now Jayden. Do you remember Matt who stayed at our house in Haiti? We are going to visit him and his parents and do a presentation for their youth group.”

“Oh, Okay. I like Matt!”

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  1. Ahhhhhhhh poor little man, hope he feels better soon!

    Jesus was a 'nomad' too!