Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You Can Help!

Three and a half years ago we met Anoud, Denise and their two boys for the first time. All four of them were too thin and the youngest of the two boys showed signs of malnutrition.

Anoud had been employed on our property for the past 10 years, but Denise had no income and lived an hour away in a tin shack on the side of a ravine with their two boys. The tin shack didn't keep out the wind, or the rats, or the torrential rain and life was hard.

Not wanting Anoud to lose his job, we agreed to hire him and asked Denise if she would like to live on our property with him as well. At first she was hesitant, saying their two kids were too noisy, but when we convinced her that we had a noisy boy too and that wouldn't be a problem she gratefully accepted.

As we learned the language the friendship grew not only between the adults but also between the three boys.

The following summer their family expanded when Jocemine was born. To honor our friendship Anoud and Denise chose to name her after both Jason and I. It was very special.

A year later we officially became godmother and father of all three of their children in a special dedication service.

Denise who had begun to help me around the house talked often about wanting to learn a new skill. Coming from a large family, she only went to school when her parents could afford it which was not very often, leaving her almost illiterate.

When I heard about the Apparent Project jewelry making program I approached her and asked if she would be interested in learning how to make beads from recycled paper and design necklaces. She was thrilled and several weeks later we went to the Apparent Project to learn together.

It didn't take very long for her to become a talented bead maker and jewelry designer and she soon taught her husband as well.

"With the money I earn I would like to help my elderly parents, pay money to rebuild our church, send my second child to school and save up for a piece of land," Denise told me. Very ambitiously she set to work and did just that. She sent money to her parents, donated to her church, paid for Sabboule's schooling and saved whatever was left to purchase a piece of property.

"This piece of property can change the life of my family," she said. It means that we will always have a place to rent out or live on. It can be a legacy for our children.

Several days ago Denise approached me to say she found a piece of land to purchase. With the legal fees she only needs $1200 more.

She has over $1200 worth of jewelry waiting to be sold so this is where you can help. A friend of mine hopes to return to Chilliwack with Denise's jewelry on December 14. If we can sell $1200 worth before the end of the year Denise can buy the land. If you live in or around the Chilliwack area and would like to purchase some of her amazing jewelry please email us.

Her jewelry is beautiful and unique and makes great Christmas gifts!

If you have family, friends or coworkers that would be interested and would like to sell some of the jewelry to them before Christmas we can work that out as well.

Will you help Denise realize her dream and leave a legacy for her children?


  1. Hi, Would love to help and purchase a set or two but I'm all the way in New Jersey:o)I so enjoy your blog and your descriptive writing. Praying that all goes well with travel and baby. Blessings, Rebecca

  2. Hey Will
    I would love to get the Red neckalace to go with my daughters school Uniform. Id prefer one that is mostly red if there is. We will be in Chilliwack in February so If it is left with Gloria or someone else we can get it then...? Let me know how much and where to send the money if you dont mind... Thanks Sara

  3. I'll just take the necklace for now. Are there any White ones at all? If so, I would take one of those as well. If its easier just email me @ thanks Sara

  4. Hi Will, I'd love to buy some of Denise's jewellry, but I live in New Zealand. Would I be able to pay you somehow for the jewellry and postage and you send it to me?? let me know what would be easiest, or if it is too much trouble let me know .. maybe I could just send a donation somehow!!
    Thanks, Karin