Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Outreach Program

The sun steadily sinks lower in the cerulean sky as children push and jostle each other to get through the orphanage gate. Today is the Christmas Outreach Program and anticipation and excitement buzzes through the air.

Finally it's our turn and as we enter the courtyard we can see a crowd has already formed inside.

To get a better view we climb up the side of a crumbled wall and get comfortable on the roof of a neighboring house.

With over 400 people in the community attending, it takes a little for the crowd to settle down, but when they finally do the Christmas program begins.

Strains of 'Gloria in Excelsis Dio' waft upward as the children who regularly attend the feeding program sing their praises to God.

The T-Rex that Jayden had snuck along in his pocket evidently begins to get hungry so the boys collect dinosaur vegetation to calm its grumbling tummy.

The program continues with various songs and skits allowing both those who live in the orphanage and attend the feeding programs to participate.

After a rousing round of applause for all their efforts, the crowd quiets as the Christmas Story is read. As the ancient Biblical words resound around us, I glance up.

The fading sunlight illuminates a cross perched on a neighboring building. Christmas is all about celebrating Christ's birth, but the cross is a reminder of what Jesus came to do. He came to die for sinners.

Darkness falls and the program ends. As we mingle, the kids are quickly surrounded.

Two girls playfully touch Dia's silky locks and she giggles.

Josh soon finds someone his own age and does his best to communicate using sign language.

Other children crowd around us, asking to get their pictures taking.

Slowly the courtyard empties and it's time to return home. In the pale light of the moon we make our through the dusty streets back to the car. The birth of Jesus. What a special occasion to share and celebrate with the community around us.


  1. Love it! What a special time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the beautiful pictures.

  2. Blessings to you all! As usual thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and story! Thank you for being so faithful in keeping us all updated.