Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Busy Days, Sleepless Nights

The soft pink curtains sway gently as a welcoming breeze makes its way through the flimsy screens. In the darkness I watch their ghostly forms dance this way and that. Turning over, I re-adjust my pillows to find the ever illusive comfortable sleeping position. Insomnia has plagued me these last few months.

Finally, giving up, I sit up and ease ever so quietly out of bed. Walking carefully through the maze of suitcases that plaster our bedroom floor I silently open the door and slip out into the hallway. Closing it softly behind me I flip on the hallway light. Making my way to Jayden’s bedroom I crack open the door and smile at the sight of three small boys sprawled out on beds and air mattresses.

Reaching above the door frame, I feel with my fingers till they touch something metal; the hallway gate key. Closing my fingers around it I insert the key into the iron security gate and it opens with a click.

In the kitchen I fill a glass with water and ice. The kitchen clock reads 3:00 a.m., meaning it’s probably about 3:25. Even with new batteries its accuracy never last long and I’ve learned to slowly add 5 then 10, and now up to 25 minutes to get real time.

Cradling my glass, I head over to the living room and turn on the light. No cockroaches scurry off into darker corners and for this I am thankful. I make myself comfortable on the couch and slowly sip my ice water. Today is a special day. My 26th birthday and the day we travel to Canada. Still unable to fully wrap my mind around the changes that are to come, I decide instead to reminisce about this past week.

With our friends from Canada and their three children visiting us, it’s been a busy and exciting week. As I lay my head back on the armrest a string of memories play in my mind.

Visiting the downtown core.

The heart breaking poverty there.

Parents, so desperate they beg us to take their children.

The filthy streets.

MAF flights.

Landing in Oanaminthe

Feeling like the odd ones out!

Okay, that's better!

A bus ride through the village with adopted Uncle Jason.

Christmas feeding programs.

Make new friends.

Handing out Bible verse coloring books.

Happy kids!

This is for you!

Rice and beans.

Christmas Eve.

And special times with special friends.

Gradually the images fade in my weary brain. Drinking the last sips of water I shuffle back up the stairs, through the hallway and into our bedroom. Crawling under the thin sheet I close my eyes and dream. Winter coats, boots, the flu bug, airports, babies, Jason, Jayden, family, friends.

Slowly I doze off into a restless sleep. Less then 2.5 hours before it's time to get up and get ready to leave Haiti. It seems so unreal.


  1. Oh Will... Barely gone and looking at these pics makes me want to catch the first flight back. We had an amazing time and have so many special memories!! Thank you and Jason so much for arranging all the wonderful things we got to do. I cant even imagine what was going thru the kids minds as we dragged them around the country. We love you all so much and i treasure the friendship we have made. I know being "home" will have its challenges for you all but i am thrilled to have you around for the next 7 months. Your family is in our prayers that you will transition smoothly into our crazy fast paced life. And your only three miles away so we will see eachother lots!!!l

  2. AJ & Laura, you've given those kids the best Christmas present they could ever ask for. Just look into their eyes! Will & Jason, you are in our prayers, we hope and pray the coming months are comfortable & enjoyable. God be with you!
    Jaco & Andrea Devisser