Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mosaic of Memories

Sarah's Visit

long flight, crossing time zones, finally here

busy traffic, bright colors, dusty roads
From 2011

colorful art, pushy vendors, bartering time
From 2011

turquoise water, white sand, coconut milk

beautiful sunset, warm temperatures, perfect day

MAF flight, sensational scenery, breathtaking

all on 1 motorbike, village life, step back in time

lazy rivers, crowded markets, friendly children

crumbled palace, broken cathedral, heartbreaking poverty

Haitian rice, feeding programs, brown eyes

beautiful jewelry, talented artists, new hope

dinosaur paint set, dinosaur books, a little boys adoring gaze

long talks, good times, special friends


  1. Looks like you and Sarah had a very good time.....I`ll try not be jealous!


  2. I am with Martha on this one, a little jealous too, would love to come for a visit some time. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!