Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rain in the Desert

My eyes scan the barren landscape until I spot the narrow, dirt landing strip.

As our small aircraft descends the temperature rises. Dry heat parches my skin.

I look down as we approach and am struck by the sheer desolation. The ground begs for water, for relief.

A few minutes later the airplane's wheels make contact with the unforgiving earth. I brace myself as we lurch over the dips and ruts. Jason breaks hard. The strip is short. Finally we roll to a complete stop.

Looking out the window I wave at the boys and the donkey who intently watch us from the edge of the runway. My mouth is parched.

We deplane and are greeted by Judy and Manis. They are the founders of Lemuel Ministries here in Anse Rouge, and we are here this weekend to distribute food for their food for work programs.

They show us the guestrooms where we can stay. It's a new addition since last year and I like how cozy it looks.

Once we've stowed away our bags we get to work dividing up the shipment of rice, flour, magi, oil and fish.

It's a big job and I soon find myself elbow deep in flour. Jayden thinks this is great fun.

With all of us working together we finish two hours later.

The sun is setting by the time we carry the last bags of food into the storage room.

As the sun disappears from view the moon and stars appear. We look in wonder how bright they appear without any man-made light to obstruct our view.

The next morning we wake up to roosters crowing, chickens clucking and donkey's braying.

Jayden likes the fact that the windows have neither screens or window panes and climbs up to get a good view of all the animals outside.

That afternoon all those who participated in the food for work program come to collect their food.

As the people take their food home, many using wheelbarrows provided by Lemuel Ministries, the sky darkens.

Will the long-awaited rain finally come to quench the thirsty ground?

Will it rain in the desert?

Thunder rumbles. Lightning flashes. Then God open the clouds and torrential rains pour down.

We stand in awe at God's power, at His goodness. We rejoice together at His mercy.

Rain in the desert.


  1. Thank you for doing what you are doing in the name of Jesus. Av.

  2. How wonderful to be part of such an awesome work and to witness God's majesty! How we underestimate the value of rain!
    God is Good!

    Thanks for updating us and for sharing what you did while Brian and Anne-Marie were with you. I'm sure they will have SO much to tell when they get back.

    Love, Aunt Judy

  3. Just found your blog! We have two kids from Haiti. If you ever can take shoes to those in need, we have a shoe ministry called the Flip Flop Fleet.

    God's blessings!
    Dawn S.