Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Day in Pictures

The day started early...

A new home for an expectant lady currently living in a make shift tent...

Her son watches.

Back at the Apparent Project Anne Marie and I work on a design for a purse that the Haitian ladies can make and then sell in the US or Canada.

You can tell by my smile that it's a success!

Makensia and Serlo come to work at the Apparent Project and it's very special meeting their twin baby girls.

Lillien soon nods off.

Lillian quickly follows suite.

At 12:30 Jilner comes on his motor bike to give us a ride to the job site.

Once he's dropped us off he goes back for Anne Marie.

Brian, Jason and a crew of Haitians work hard all morning.

Another family member of the lady who will receive the home cooks for all the workers.

Once the house is framed, we head up to the Baptist Mission.

We enjoy the great company and great food!

A little time to check out the souvenirs,

and then a trip up to the look out.

We end the afternoon with a quick grocery stop at Eagle Market.

See any similarities?

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  1. wow, that reminds me alot of Uganda!! pretty much every picture including your Eagle Market Pic, we have a few bigger grocery stores there too, but they are very expensive!!