Monday, February 28, 2011

Guest Post

It’s been a remarkable couple of days here in Port au Prince!

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Quisqueya Chapel with Jason and Will. This is a local multicultural, non-denominational congregation of about 300 people that many local missionary families as well as Haitians attend.

Shortly after the service began a girl of about 8 or 9 began screaming in what at first seemed to be a seizure. Several of the church members carried her outside and Joyce went out to see if she could help. Once outside, many people placed their hands on her body and began praying over her. As they prayed, her screaming stopped, but as soon as they paused, it would resume.

Jason later explained that her screaming was actually cursing and blaspheming God, and that it started as soon as scripture reading began. She was demon possessed, and the Haitians, who are more familiar with this recognized it.

As the people continued to pray over her, she began to calm down and eventually relax. Praise God for answered prayer!

Although to our western minds, what happened was unsettling, the church service set against this experience was incredible. During the service we really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Today (Monday) Jim went flying with Jason while the rest of us worked to complete the homes in Port au Prince. The women painted the home we had completed Saturday, while AJ and I completed a second home with the help of about 6 Haitians.

We finished working around 10:00 a.m., and then spent some time visiting the homes that previous teams had constructed. At 11:00 a.m. we took some more Bibles and coloring books to the Christian School we had visited on Friday. The looks on the children's faces as they each received a book and a pack of crayons was priceless and heartwarming.

After visiting the school we spent more time exploring the area. As we walked we passed by a man we had met on our last visit. He asked us to pray for him as he was studying seven languages to help him become a missionary to various people groups. We prayed with him and he was grateful for our visit and prayers.

The women spent the afternoon helping the women at the Apparent Project design and sew a new purse. Once completed the purses will be added to the Apparent Project's product line. By the end of the day, 8 of the 13 women had already completed their first purse.

Tomorrow the men fly to Jacmel first thing to begin building there, and will be staying at Calvary Chapel's guest house. Jason, Will, Jayden and the women hope to join us there on Friday.

We have been very blessed on our first few days here, and have witnessed amazing and incredible things. We have been able to talk and build relationships with the Haitians, as well as been given opportunities to bring Gods Word. Our prayer is that God will continue to bless our work here for His Glory and to the furtherance of His Kingdom.

by Chris Klaassen


  1. Thanks for the post Chris. How clearly this demonstrates the work of Satan to confuse, oppose, and if it were possible, root out the Gospel message. However, we heard it also so clearly in the sermon last night that Christ will have the victory.

  2. Wow. Sounds like Bible times. That is so amazing to see prayer answered as you are praying...God working through the prayer, defeating the ENEMY! Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.
    Praying for you all, that God's Word will enter into many hearts.
    God bless you all