Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Busy Day for Team Three

Up at 6:00 and at the job site, ready to go, at 6:45.

The tap tap and workers were already waiting and it didn't take long for the building materials to get loaded.

It didn't quite all fit so the men carried some of the walls. One of the Haitian workers who watched said,"Well if the white men can carry that all the way to the job site then I can carry these beams!"

Once the men left, the ladies got to work cutting out pattern pieces and sewing a purse.

Jayden enjoyed spending time with his new Grandma.

Grandma Beeke coloured so intensely that the table began to shake giving me quite a scare! "Earthquake," I gasped, white as a sheet. It took me a while to recover.

I did eventually though, and enjoyed spending time with the ladies and going over the purse pattern and instructions with them.

The finished purse turned out great!

We plan to begin teaching 10 Haitian women how to make the purse this coming Monday.

After a lunch of rice and beans, the team hit the streets again.

This time the ladies went with to help build the homes as well.

The men had finished their first home that morning.

That afternoon they started working on the second home.

At 2:30 the team headed back to the Apparent Project for the feeding program.

It didn't take long for news to spread and children to gather.

Laura and I collected tickets at the gate. One little boy broke our heart and we both had to fight back tears. He had only one ticket for him and his sister. "You need one ticket each," I told him in Creole. "But my ticket counts for two," he said. "Only one per child," I insisted. He looked down at his ticket and then with his big brown eyes looked back up at me. "She can have it," he said, pointing to his sister. He turned to walk away, but I pulled him back. "Just come in," I said, tears choking my voice. Haiti breaks your heart sometimes.

To see the children so desperate to come in, so desperate for a plate of food, and a piece of clothing. But also to see their love and concern for each other. Three and four year-olds feeding their younger siblings, 5 and 6 year-olds making sure everyone in their family receives a piece of clothing.

Words just can't describe it all. Words just aren't enough.


  1. Thank you Ruth for being a grandma for Jayden. Looks like you have done alot in just one day. Hope you all enjoy your time there, our thoughts and prayers are with you hourly. Enjoy the nice hot weather because here it is cold and snowing.

  2. Will, no more pictures of nice blue sky or I'll be back at your house soon!

  3. So much to learn from the Haitians every time again!(willing to give his ticket to his sister)

  4. Keep up the great work! I read your blog regularly and very much enjoy it. Please give a hug to my sister and brother-in-law. We are glad they made it safely.
    Nancy Vanden Brink

  5. HI Grandpa and Grandma:
    WE saw you in Haiti. Jason likes to see you giving the boy the Bible. Aaron likes to see the finished house with Grandpa standing by it. Did you see any birds? Did the kids like the Bibles? We are home from school today. Grandma, what are you coloring with Jayden?

  6. Hi Auntie Will

    We don't leave comments too often, but we are home from school very sick again. Our Mommy doesn't know what else to do for us. Grandpa brought us some popsicles on Saturday morning, that seemed to work wonders, but now we are both really sick again. It's very snowy out here, but not too cold. The weather looks nice by you. We hope we feel better soon!

    Love Gemma and Carlye (and SarahLynn)