Monday, December 27, 2010

Mommy's Happy Birthday!

Today was Mommy's happy birthday! I love birthdays!
This morning Mommy and I both slept in a little because I kept waking up last night coughing. Daddy had to work so he left the house early. When we did get up Mommy and I both ate toast with Dutch cheese and tea. It was delicious! Once we finished breakfast we spent several hours making the house nice and clean because Grandma and Grandpa hope to come tomorrow! We are all very excited! Then while Mom hand washed two loads of laundry I played outside with my two best friends Nicholas and Sabboule. Mommy has gotten a lot better at doing the laundry and she got it all done in just over an hour! We are still waiting for our wash machine, but Mommy is beginning to wonder if it will ever arrive. Once the wash was done, Mommy logged on to her computer and lots of birthday messages came pouring in. I could see it made her happy because she kept smiling and smiling. For lunch Mom made a little pizza for both of us. I love pizza so that was great. After lunch Auntie Christine came to visit and drop off a present for Mom. Mom really liked that! Then at 4:00 we heard Daddy honking and we both got really excited! Dad came in with arms full of presents for Mom! Chocolates, and all kinds of Mom's favorite snacks all nicely wrapped up. He also gave her an envelope with a certificate that he had made. On the certificate there was a picture of a bus and stores and a zoo. Daddy said sometime soon we can go on a bus and visit these places across the border. I think the zoo sounds great and thought that was a wonderful gift for Mom! Then Daddy made dinner for us and we ate it by candlelight. It was a very fun day. I'd better go now though. Mom says I need to get my sleep to get over my cough and I can't be tired when Grandpa and Grandma come tomorrow!


  1. Well Jayden, you and daddy really spoiled mommy didn't you. I hope you get a good sleep otherwise you will be too tired to open the presents tomorrow. When daddy honks the horn tomorrow you can quickly run to the gate.

  2. Hi anutie, we had an awesome time tubing yesterday!! I was so busy getting everything ready yesterday when my family was blogging Happy Birthday from Sheldon :)