Thursday, December 9, 2010

House bound

I check the cards in my hand and then what's on the stack on the table. We're playing Phase 10 and this is day two of being house bound. I smile at the thought that we kind of broke the rules, since where I'm sitting is not my house and this is not my game, but we are still in a house and that has to count for something. When Julie called earlier today asking if we wanted to come play games with some other missionary staff in the neighborhood we were all for it. You can only hide inside for so long right? "Don't go far" Anoud and Denise kept warning us worriedly as we pulled out of the driveway, and we couldn't help but tease them a little. "We're just going to drive down all the main roads for a few hours," we joke. Anoud doesn't catch on and shakes his head, but Denise laughs and finally he cracks a smile too. Ever since the election results were announced the streets are "hot," as the Haitian people put it. Protesters burn tires, throw rocks, rip down election posters and kick rubble onto the streets. Because of the unrest, schools and many business are closed and the airport is shut down as well. This means all the MAF pilots are home. Although Jason has kept busy finishing various tasks for me, I can tell he is raring to get out, so this little get together in our neighborhood is perfect. As we drive the short distance to our neighbors home I can't help but notice how serious the people on the back streets look. Normally everyone is friendly and smiling, but today the mood is somber. A helicopter hovers overhead and I wonder what it's pilot and passengers can see. Other then the pictures and video clips that get emailed to us, we haven't actually seen the demonstrations first hand. It feels strange to be right in it, but not actually get to see anything. A few minutes later we arrive at the neighbors house. It's nice having other people to talk too and we spend some time just socializing and snacking before we get the games out.
Once the games are chosen kids and adults break up into various groups to play. It doesn't take long to get into the game. Now staring at the cards in my hands, I focus on calculating my next move. 6,7,8,9, and 3,3,3, wild. I win Phase #2 of 10.

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