Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tears for Haiti

The whir of helicopter rotors overhead draws my attention and for a moment I let go of Denise's wedding dress and look up to locate its source. It doesn't take long for me to spot it and from where I stand on my front balcony I can see its UN logo. "Copter," Jayden shouts and points, and I follow its path with my eyes as it makes its way over Delmas.

The whir of its rotors draws me back in time to post earthquake days and I wonder for a moment how long this will go on. Although the past three days have been relatively quiet, helicopters continue to fly over the city every hour, checking for any signs of protest activity. "Calm, but tense," a news reporter had written in a recent article and I felt it was an accurate description.

After a quiet Saturday and Sunday where everyone had a chance to stock up on food and attend church, protests and riots were expected to resume Monday morning, but so far things had remained relatively calm. Since the political situation is no closer to being resolved however, protests could flare up again at any time, which has left Haiti and her people uneasy and tense.

As the helicopter disappears from view I focus my attention back to the project at hand. Very carefully I drape Denise's wedding dress over a kitchen chair and then pick out a necklace from the pile of jewelry she made.

Rather then focusing on the uncertainty of the political situation here in Haiti, I decide to distract myself by showcasing some of her latest designs. As I arrange and snap pictures I can't help but feel proud of her. With no help from me whatsoever this last month she has done an excellent job making the beads and designing the jewelry all on her own.

As I finish taking the last photo, the somber sky threatens to cry. As quick as I can I pull my chair, Denise's dress and jewelry back inside. Through a window I watch as a few scattered tear drops patter down on the city. Tears for Haiti in the dry season, how fitting.

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  1. LOVE the black and teal one....
    awesome job Denise!